Bills welcome Wesley Clark and Peshkin Law


Pegula Sports & Entertainment today welcomes the law firm of Wesley Clark and Peshkin as a Proud Sponsor of the Buffalo Bills.

"For many years, Wesley Clark and Peshkin has been helping families in our community navigate through difficult times," said Dan Misko, PSE senior vice president of business development. "We're glad to welcome WC&P Law as a proud sponsor of the Bills, as they work to grow their firm and extend their help to families across New York State."

"It's with true hometown pride and excitement that we are now proud partners with the Bills," commented Kevin Clark, Esq., Managing Partner with Wesley Clark and Peshkin. "We've been a homegrown, local firm for many years and this partnership furthers our commitment and connection to the Western New York community and beyond."

Whenever possible, Wesley Clark and Peshkin advocates for families and helps couples find the most efficient and effective pathways to separation and divorce – like mediation and collaborative law. Wesley Clark and Peshkin has assisted thousands of individuals to reduce conflict, realize a brighter future and visualize a way forward through their challenging marital events.

Divorce and family legal matters can be challenging, but there are ways to minimize the impact on families and children when navigating life changing events. WCP's legal professionals guide people through the process with a progressive and modern approach beginning with free consultations – a first step that can immediately reduce anxiety and empower individuals with valuable information and a plan for the future.

With offices across New York State, Wesley Clark and Peshkin is exclusively focused on divorce and family law cases. Their Western New York office is located in heart of downtown Buffalo at 350 Main Street – Main Place Tower where they serve clients from Jamestown to Niagara Falls and everywhere in between via virtual meetings, phone calls and in person consultations. Wesley Clark and Peshkin is committed to community and dedicated to family and amicable outcomes for everyone involved. Your family is our business. Contact us at or 888-222-4996.