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Brooks Brothers Best Dressed at Carolina

!Due to the highly contested nature this contest has proven to be over the past few weeks I've decided to include past winners opinions in deciding on a winner. This week, with nods of approval from Marcus Stroud and Derek Fine. the best dressed Bill is Special Teams captain George Wilson.

Pictured wearing a classic three-piece suit it's hard to pick out only a few things that he's doing well. The pocket square is simple and understated but works perfect for the checkered detailing of the suit. The full windsor tieknot is an ode to days passed. Top to bottom George made some great fashion plays today.     

My look was inspired by the 1960's look featured by character Don Draper of the tv show Madmen. Brooks Brothers happens to be offering a Mad Men edition suit made by award winning costume designer Janie Bryant that can be found on their website. I've added a thin BB wool tie with tie clip to round out the look. As you build your tie collection it's benefitial to add various fabrics; wool, silk, and cotton. Mixing and matching tie fabrics and suits is an easy way to spice up your look. I think you'll find that Brooks Brothers is a great place to find a wide variey of the finest fabrics and well cut suits. 


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