Bruce Smith: This Bills D-Line Most Talented Ever

When Bruce Smith speaks, you have to listen.  This time what the Bills Hall of Fame defensive end had to say was such a big hit that Kenny O'Brien probably felt it.  Wednesday night on the John Murphy Show, Smith proclaimed that this current Bills defensive line is the most talented that the Bills have ever had.  When Murphy questioned Smith how it could surpass his own, Bruce said with their collective potential to both rush the passer and stop the run on every play, this group takes the top spot.

Rich Gannon may not have had statements that were as attention-getting, but he had some insightful remarks about Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.  The former NFL quarterback and CBS analyst said that most shotgun QB's get lazy with their feet because they are so used to being in the shotgun.  He notices this same trend forming with Fitzpatrick.  He did say that as soon as Fitz eliminates the negative plays he can be very efficient.  Gannon also commented on the team as a whole saying the best part about their Bills is that they are right in the middle of everything and they haven't even played their best football yet.

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