Chris Gragg: "I knew I was the most explosive tight end"



Tight End Chris Gragg Conference Call

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Q: How was it this weekend? Kind of a long wait for you here.

A: It was a long wait. They were telling me my talent was second or third round, but the way it came to Buffalo I could not be more excited.

Q: What has you so excited about landing here?

A: I knew they needed a tight end. I had talked to them at the Combine and then my pro day. I knew they would need a tight end and I told them I could be there guy.

Q: What do you think you were able to show at the Combine? Do you feel teams are over your knee injury?

A: I would think that is what I wanted to show at the Combine—that I was healthy. I knew I was the most explosive tight end. Fast, explosive and things like that. I just wanted to show them I was healthy.

Q: What do you think about possibly being a move type guy at the tight end spot?

A: I am willing to do whatever. I did all of that in my career at Arkansas. I played in the backfield, wing and as a tight end spread out. I feel like I can do it all.

Q: With Arkansas losing three receivers last year, how did your role change?

A: I just tried to become a leader, especially off the field and still continue to make plays on the field. The season kind of ridded me because of some injuries, but in my five games I felt like I was pretty productive and a leader out there.

Q: Where do you feel you made the most improvements with your individual game this past year?

A: My blocking. Coming from receiver and then becoming a tight end. My blocking, I know I got a lot better at that.

Q: When did you make the move from tight end to receiver full-time?

A: 2009.

Q: You did play in games at receiver for Arkansas to start your career?

A: My freshman season, 2008, I played the whole season at receiver.

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