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Cyrus Kouandjio: "Always ready to compete"


OT Cyrus Kouandjio Conference Call

Friday, May 9, 2014 

Q: Congratulations.A: Thank you, thank you. I appreciate it. 

Q: You had to wait a little bit, but what was your reaction to being drafted and coming to Buffalo?A: Yes sir. You know what? I think that is where I need to be.

Q: Why do you feel that way?A: It's a great environment for me to master my craft. I love a lot of those guys over there, I love the coaches and there is a DeMatha guy down there, so it's perfect.

Q: What were your impressions of the coaching staff when you had a chance to meet them?A: I thought they were really down to earth. We went to a dinner and it was like the whole table filled with the coaching staff, so we had a good time. I think they're pretty good.

Q: You seem to be a man on a mission at your pro day. Can you outline what you've tried to do to dismiss the concerns about your knee?A: Well first of all, when all the articles came out about my knee, the doctors that did it were pretty well known and they really had a great track record and they cleared it up for me. Letting people know that no, in fact nothing is wrong with my knee. I didn't really think too much about it. I didn't know it was going to impact me that crazy, but I'm glad everything happens for a reason, so I'm here in Buffalo.

Q: At your pro day didn't you do line drills for over an hour?A: Yes sir, I did. I did it with the Chargers coach, but that's what I do for my profession.

Q: What are your thoughts about playing for a team that was second in total rushes last year?A: That's great for me. I take pride in running the football and I take pride in run blocking and taking a man against his will in a direction that he does not choose.

Q: How ready do you feel you are to step in right away?A: You know what? I never have that type of mindset. I'm always ready to compete and I do have respect for the guys that were already down there. I'm coming down there to compete. 

Q: You played on the left side at Alabama. What are your thoughts about flipping over to the right?A: I will play left, right, in and out, it doesn't matter.

Q: How do you feel playing for Nick Saban helps you be ready for the NFL?A: Yes sir. It's a tough environment and a tougher program and you see that helps guys that come on of that program go high, we hope, every draft. I appreciate going through that program.

Q: Do you know Marcell Dareus at all?A: Yes I do. I don't know him too personally, but I know him. Yeah I do. 

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