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Defensive Back Jabari Greer - 8/4


PM Practice – August, 4, 2008


On if it is exciting having a game this week and going against different players

It is exciting. Washington is a good team and they looked sharp last night. And to get out there and play against another team it brings another level of competition to the guys.


On if Roscoe Parrish surprised him by getting up after one of his hits today

He's a tough guy. I think that he showed his toughness being that he's one of top punt returners in the game. He's taken some good hits and we know he's a tough guy. I just hope that when I hit him, I try to keep him up. I really hope that I didn't do anything to rough because he is a guy on the squad, he's a guy on our team and he's a guy that we count on. When he got up and made a couple of more plays, I was relieved that I didn't hurt him too much.


On if he feels any different after proving himself last season in this training camp

Not at all. I don't think I feel as if I have to make or carve my place in this defense. I fee like I've been given a chance to show that I belong. I've been given a chance to become more of an asset and contributor on our team. And I think that's something that I will not take for granted. That's something I'm going to work to, to sustain and try to achieve the best things that I possibly can.


On the team bringing in a top draft pick at corner and other veterans in the secondary

That is [the nature of the game]. Every year it has been something. It's just another battle. We've been fortunate to add good, quality guys to the team and I think that they're going to do nothing but add more of assets to our team. I look forward working with them, I look forward to passing on the knowledge that the older veteran guys before me passed onto me and I look forward to just seeing them become better performers.

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