Dustin Hopkins: "I'm confident in what I can do"



Kicker Dustin Hopkins Conference Call

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Q: Are you pretty excited that there will be some familiar faces with former teammates (in Buffalo)?

A: Very excited. I was blessed enough to have Shawn (Powell) hold for me for three years and I'm aware of how talented he is, not only in punting but holding so I'm excited in that aspect. And obviously to have EJ (Manuel), he's a great friend of mine. We have so many guys up there. Shoot, it's going to be like, not a college locker room all over again, but it's going to be good to see friends.

Q: Did you have any experience with (current Bills) LS Garrison Sanborn?

A: I've met him a handful of times and he seems like a very nice guy. But I don't have extended relations with him other than what I hear but I hear he's a great guy.

Q: What's your level of confidence knowing you have the same holder from college here in Buffalo?

A: It's a lot of comfort. Just having somebody who knows, not only your work ethic, but your practice schedule, the way you like the ball held and also just off the field having friends and developing that community kind of outside of the locker room as well is going to help tremendously. I'm just excited to work with those guys again and also to meet new people who have a real sense of professionalism about them that I don't know yet.

Q: Do you remember your touchback percentage?

A: No sir.

Q: Can you talk about the challenge kicking in Buffalo weather?

A: Definitely going to be a change. I've kicked in some cold weather before in some of our games when we've traveled but never at home. It's going to take adjusting to it but at the same time I think when you know how to kick, and you grow up doing it your whole life, you make a couple adjustments and you go with the flow. You don't worry about things you can't control like wind or the cold or whatever it may be. I'm confident in what I can do.

Q: Any particular games that you remember being exceedingly cold?

A: The ACC championship my sophomore year. The temperature wasn't that cold but it was like 32 degrees and it was freezing rain. I think it would have been better if it was snow because we ended up like soaking wet, 32 degrees, wind blowing. I think it would have almost been better just to have it snowing and have it be 20 (degrees).

Q: How much contact did you have with the Bills throughout the draft process?

A: I had spoken with them at the Combine but other than that I haven't talked to them over the phone, they didn't work me out. I was actually really surprised because you have your teams lining up that you think are really interested. You kind of watch them go by as the draft is going on and to have the phone call come it was pretty surprising actually for it to be Buffalo, an exciting one none the less.

Q: Are there any field goals that stand out to you most in your college career?

A: I would say my sophomore year vs. Clemson was a memorable kick, especially given the circumstances. I had missed the game the week before. Just knowing I've got to work through that. I was just blessed to have another opportunity to kick another one. To be able to come through for your team a week after a rough week, it was truly rewarding. So I'd say that's really memorable. Yes (it was a last play of the game kick).

Q: Did you think there was going to be a run on kickers with a kicker getting drafted a few picks before you?

A: There's a little special teams run just like you said. Once one gets taken I was hoping that I wouldn't come too far behind. Obviously you hope the best for yourself during this whole process. I'm glad somebody broke the ice.

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