Edwards getting throwing shoulder checked

Bills quarterback Trent Edwards took his fair share of shots in 2008. Sacked 28 times and hit several more when under pressure through the course of the season has apparently taken its toll.

Edwards at his year-end physical reported soreness in his throwing shoulder. While surgery does not appear to be likely at this point the Bills quarterback will be seeking the opinion of a couple of physicians this week.

The Bills confirmed Edwards' current condition in a statement released Tuesday.

"We sent Trent for a routine MRI on his shoulder during his year-end physical because he had complained of some soreness. He did not miss any playing time and there was no lack of strength in his shoulder due to the soreness. He has scheduled visits with a couple of doctors this week and we will know more at that time."

This past offseason Trent Edwards hit the weights hard taking on the most rigorous offseason training regimen of his career. The results were impressive as the Bills quarterback added 10-12 pounds of lean muscle to his frame.

Having had shoulder issues in the past due to injuries suffered in college, Edwards wanted to better equip his body to withstand the physical punishment that often comes with playing the quarterback position.

"The problem I have a lot of the times is with my shoulders," said Edwards back in training camp. "I've been dinged up a little bit with my shoulders, and when a big D-lineman lands on you, those are the first things to hit the ground. It's pretty painful and you obviously need those to throw the football. I did a lot of running, did a lot of swimming, actually, in the offseason trying to build up my shoulder strength on both sides.

"I did a lot of weight exercises and dumbbell lifts and those types of things to try to keep my shoulders in shape so in Week 15 or Week 16 if some big D-lineman wants to hit me after the play is over and land on me, then I'm able to take it."

Edwards plan worked for the most part as he took some good licks throughout the season including the Week 16 game at Denver and kept getting up.

But Edwards and the team have chosen to investigate the soreness in his shoulder further as a precaution.

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