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Edwards held out of team work

Trent Edwards was back on the practice field with his teammates Wednesday, but was limited to individual position drills and held out of team work.

"I think it was just coach's decision, just to kind of limit me on some of the stuff we were doing, to try to make sure we're not putting too much into it and making sure I'm still going towards that 100 percent," said Edwards.

"He is okay," said head coach Dick Jauron. "It's probably still a little bit sore from it, but he's moving well and he's throwing well. He's had a couple of really good days of practice."

Still the odds of Edwards seeing the field on Thursday night in the preseason finale against Detroit seem slim.

"I haven't been told anything as of right now and I'm kind of going to see how it goes tomorrow," said Edwards. "We have meetings tonight and I'm sure I'll know more about it by that point. And again, I'm trying to get better and I'm trying to get healthy. I'm very, very concerned with our game a week from Sunday, and that's kind of where I'm at right now."

Despite Edwards' focus on the opener Sept. 7, he admits he wouldn't mind playing Thursday night.

"If the coaches want me in there and they want me playing that's the attitude I'm taking right now," said Edwards. "I'm happy to be a part of this team, I'm happy I'm getting healthy right now and that's kind of my mindset."

"Everything's going to be decided at game time tomorrow," said Jauron. "We'll make our decisions tomorrow."

Edwards is still limping a bit as a result of the deep thigh contusion, but the Bills quarterback calls it a protective limp.

"It kind of knows my boundaries and there are certain things that cause more problems than others," Edwards said. "But it's going good. There hasn't been a setback so far, that what I've been encouraged about."

Some observers still worry about the lack of time Edwards has had on the field in the preseason (31 snaps), but Buffalo's head coach believes all of the quarterback's offseason work will have him ready for the regular season whether he plays Thursday night or not.

"He has had a ton of time in our offseason program and our OTA's," said Jauron. "He's never missed a day. He's had a good deal of time. Now, if you're talking about game time, in this game, he's not going to gain a lot more either, were he to play, and he may."

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