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Edwards to start Sunday

Trent Edwards will re-assume his role as the Bills' starting quarterback on Sunday at Tennessee. Head coach Dick Jauron confirmed that Edwards has been re-inserted into the lineup coming off a concussion that forced him to miss each of the last two games.

"Trent has earned the right to be back in there and we're really looking forward to seeing him play," said Jauron.

"I feel good I've been getting better all along and I'm excited for Sunday," said Edwards after practice Wednesday. "I've been preparing ever since I got hurt. I've been trying to get back in there and trying to help this team win by getting healthy and doing everything I can. And now I'm back at that point."

By the time Edwards takes the field on Sunday he will be a month removed from the concussion he suffered in Week 6 against the Jets. There have been some changes to Buffalo's offense since then, though Edwards was on the field for the first major change as the unit began huddling up in Week 6.

"We've moved through a number of things with our offense," said Jauron. "When we went to New York when he got injured we started something new and we thought it suited him better. And it seemed like he took to it. He was 5-5 (passing) when he got hurt and left the game. We're hoping that he picks up from there and we pick up from there."

Prior to that injury-shortened 5-5 passing performance for 43 yards against the Jets, Edwards was 50-92 (54.3%) for 500 yards with one touchdown and five interceptions in his last three full games before the injury. His passer rating for those three games was 51. Edwards knows he has to pick it up if the offense is to make any significant improvements in the season's second half.

"I think just be a little more consistent with my reads, my accuracy and my footwork and understanding where I'm going with the football," he said in addressing his own game. "Those things can kind of get out of whack when you start losing football games. You start running into negative plays and you start throwing the ball where you're not supposed to. You start taking the wrong footwork and you start making the wrong reads. (Consistency is) something we have to get back to."

Since the 33-point outburst in Week 2, Buffalo hasn't scored more than 10 points in a game finished by Edwards this season. Jauron and his offensive staff are hopeful Edwards can help lift the level of point-scoring productivity starting Sunday.

"After that second game we just haven't been productive at all," said Jauron. "We haven't scored. We haven't moved it consistently. So we're looking for him to go beyond where it was."

Edwards is also wearing a new helmet that likely affords him more protection for his head after suffering concussions in each of the last two seasons, though the Bills quarterback did not definitively say it's more effective in preventing future injuries.

"Obviously I've been through those situations that I faced with the injuries to my head," Edwards said. "This one is a little more comfortable, allows me to see a little bit more. Just a change up. I'm not sure, there's not really a helmet out there that proves to be the best one, but I feel this one gives me the best chance."

Jauron feels Edwards is returning to the field with his confidence intact and believes better results for the offense are possible.

"We've changed and we've tweaked it as we've moved along obviously because it wasn't working," Jauron said. "I think we'll help him and I do think he's confident."

"I think we've had a good bye week. I think we've got some guys healthy. Some changes have been made and the coaches are noticing those changes and the players are and that's building confidence," said Edwards. "And that confidence can change the guys' attitude and allow an offense to break out."

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