EJ Manuel on starting: "It's a dream come true"


QB EJ Manuel**

Training Camp — August 9, 2013

Q: Can you comment on making your first start here in the preseason?

A: Yup, very excited. We've worked out very hard these past two weeks. I know we're going to be very excited to play a different team. Not playing against our own defense and our defense playing against us, so I'm looking forward to it.

Q: What were your thoughts after going through the scrimmage and seeing live action like that?

A: I think it's to relax. Go play football and do what you've been coached. There's no difference, obviously it picked up as far as speed and whatnot, but that had nothing to do with how I played. So I feel the biggest thing was just go out and relax and play football.

Q: Will it feel good to throw the ball against somebody else after seeing the same guys out there?

A: Right, definitely getting some base looks and things, our defense does a lot of different things, so actually watching film of a different team, you kind of get back to seeing the normal football looks you see from a defense, so that will be nice.

Q: Their defense comes from a Baltimore background as well. Their looks might not be totally foreign to what you've been seeing. Have you thought about that?

A: I haven't really thought about it, but going against our defense, seeing all types of looks and still having to declare the Mikes and get protections correct. If you can still do it against our guys, like I've said before, it should be fine.

Q: As much as you want to make some highlight plays, this first game is more about getting the offense running smoothly right?

A: Yeah, just have a smooth operation. Do what we've been practicing all week.

Q: Have you been told how much action you will get?

A: I haven't yet, no.

Q: What would be a successful night for you?

A: I would love to win the game; I don't know how much I'll play, if I'll play the whole game or whatever. I would love to win so to me that would be a great night.

Q: Do you have any goals or targets for the game?

A: No, I haven't set any goals.

Q: What's the thing that's surprised you the most about the NFL that you didn't realize?

A: The coaches really like for you to take care of your body. Whereas in college, you have two a days and things like that. I think the things they implement with the CBA and things like that, you're able to take care of your body as a professional.

Q: You know Andrew Luck; do you remain close to him at all?

A: I haven't talked to him much, I talked to him I think last time was maybe a summer ago at the Manning camp. I've known Luck since probably 11th grade in high school. Great competitor, great quarterback, so it'll be good to see him.

Q: Do you plan to pick his brain at all?

A: No I'll just focus on the game.

Q: What about Bjoern Werner? You think he'll be excited to try and sack you?

A: Haven't talked to Bjoern since the rookie premiere. I'm sure he'll be licking his chops if he gets the chance.

Q: What qualities do you think will make you successful in the NFL?

A: Just be consistent. Get your offense in the correct positions, get those guys able to make plays and allow them to make plays. That's it.

Q: How excited are you?

A: It's a dream come true. Every day is a new day for me and like I've said, I just want to get better each day, so just go out there and get my first game action and I'll be excited.

Q: What are you going to feel when you go to take that first snap?

A: I'm not sure yet, you can't say.

Q: Who was your idol growing up?

A: My idol growing up was my father. I look up to my Dad immensely; he's a passionate guy in my life. Huge example for me. I would say my Dad is my biggest role model.

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