EJ Manuel: "The biggest thing is leading by example"


QB EJ Manuel**

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Q: EJ, you got a boatload of reps during rookie minicamp because they're harder to come by now, right?

A: Yea, definitely. The rookie minicamp was really for us rookies* *to get a chance to get our feet wet into the offense. I know it helped me and a lot of the other receivers like Chris Gragg who's playing a lot at tight end, too.

Q: What's the adjustment now? I know the reps are fewer and further between. I know everybody talks about mental reps, so how are you adjusting from getting a ton of work last week to now?

A: That's exactly what it is, just having to take those mental reps. When you hear a play being called you might say it out loud just like you would in the huddle and treat it like you're actually out there playing.

Q: There are a couple of veteran quarterbacks on the team but at the same time you're in competition. How much are they helping you and how much have you learned from them? A: I think for me, I watch those guys all the time. Whether it's in the film room or warming up out here on the field, seeing what they do throughout the practices, seeing how they talk to the teammates, direct guys out there on the field. They obviously help when I ask questions. But probably the biggest thing is leading by example.

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