Eric Moulds eyes careers in broadcasting, coaching


With a successful NFL career six years in the books, one of the Bills all-time great wide receivers is looking to get back into football.

This time, he'll be on the other side of the operation, and potentially the camera.

Three-time Pro Bowler Eric Moulds participated in the NFL's Broadcast Bootcamp this week, which gave NFL alumni and current players the chance to learn from sports broadcasting greats on how to transition from the field to the television booth.

"I've been interested in broadcasting for a while," said Moulds on the John Murphy Show. "This has been a great experience. It's been eye-opening to see the other side of it. I'm usually the guy getting interviewed; now I'm the guy interviewing players."

The group of players turned broadcast students for the week – including Bills LB Bryan Scott – practiced game calls and on-field interviews with the likes of Ron Jaworksi, John Saunders, and James Brown.

Moulds said while he didn't mind being the interviewee during his playing days, ten seasons of which were on the Buffalo Bills, he developed a newfound respect this week for the media through the Bootcamp.

"The Broadcasting Bootcamp is very, very tough. It's been a great experience for me because you see these guys on TV and see them perform, but now you're in their shoes and you're doing the things they do, so you realize how hard it is.

"I've done some things really well, but it's a learning experience. I'm here right now just to learn and get my feet wet and go from there."

And from there, he'll test the waters at another off-the-field opportunity, this one a bit closer to the action. Moulds will begin a coaching fellowship with the Arizona Carindals on July 21st, working closely with Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald at his request to help improve his physicality during the games. Cardinals Head Coach Bruce Arians was Moulds' offensive coordinator throughout college at Mississippi State.

"This will be the most that I've really coached as far as going through what the coaches go through by preparing and looking over game plans, coaching players, teaching them how to study and teaching them how to run different types of routes," he said. "It should be fun. I'm happy with the experience and I'm happy Coach Arians is giving me the chance to come down and be one of the guys that he brings to training camp."

Though he's headed back to NFL training camp almost a decade after leaving the Bills, Moulds hasn't forgotten what it was like to practice and play in Buffalo.

"My career in Buffalo is the best time I had playing football," Moulds said. "I still tell people to this day that Buffalo Bills fans – no matter if you're winning or losing - they're still packing the stands and still care about their players."

Second only to Andre Reed in yardage, receptions, and touchdown receptions in the history of the franchise, Moulds says he'll look to employ gameday focus in whichever career path he chooses.

"If something comes out of the coaching or broadcasting, I'll welcome the challenge. I'll work just as hard as I did when I was playing to be the best that I can be."

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