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Monday Morning Breakdown

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Eric Wood | 5 opinions about the Bills from Week 16


1. Bills stay hot and earn a fifth straight win

The Bills have stayed hot through this stretch of four national games that they've been on and beating the rival Patriots was just the next step. Through it all, it was important for them to stay in rhythm, and with the Patriots not needing a win you wondered how motivated the Bills would be. The two seed in the AFC is on the line, but how good of a game would the Bills truly play? They came out and just continued their extremely hot pace, they were in rhythm on offense making a ton of big plays throughout the game. Then defensively, they really put the clamps on a bad offense, but that's what you wanted to see from the Bills. If they do rest their starters next week, they just need to stay confident going into the playoffs. We've seen it throughout the history of the NFL, oftentimes it's the hottest team that makes the deepest run in the playoffs.

2. Diggs is a consistent game-changer for the Bills

Stefon Diggs is the Buffalo Bills number one wide receiver and everybody knows it. They've attacked him with the football, and he's led the league and receptions for most of the season. So, teams know that they're gonna go to Stefon Diggs with the ball and the coverage is going to be adjusted to him. Whether that's in man or zone coverage, he's going to draw the opposing team's best defender and he's been doing that all year. You also have to give credit to Josh Allen in those instances, because you got to have the guy to deliver the football to him. Big credit to Brian Daboll for continuing to scheme ways to get him open. Then credit to the offensive line, you get protection for some of those deep passes down the field. But Stefon Diggs has shown up each and every week in what has been a crazy season. Which has been really trying on a lot of the guys, based on stuff we've heard them say, but throughout that Stefon Diggs has shown up every week.

3. Allen should be in the MVP conversation

Sean McDermott said on his pregame interview with me that he doesn't have time to watch every team throughout the league, especially non-Bills opponents. But he told me that it would be tough to imagine a player that has had more impact on the team than Josh Allen has had on the Bills. His stats this year are absolutely remarkable – over 4,000 passing yards more than 40 total touchdowns and is a four-time AFC Offensive Player of the Week award winner, which is a franchise record. He's played absolutely phenomenal ball this season and I would put him up there with Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes for MVP. But when you looked at Josh Allen coming into this season with a limited offseason, and no preseason games and the question was asked how much better can he get? It's amazing to see what he was able to put together this year and the consistency week in and week out.

4. Daboll continues top-notch play-calling

Brian Daboll has been so impressive as a play-caller this entire season. He's now getting national attention, but I'll tell you what, the attention that he got from all those in Foxborough last night going against his former team I'm sure meant a lot to him. Brian Daboll is setting himself up to where he will get looks as to being a head coach and rightfully so. Hopefully, the Bills will be able to hang on to their Western New York native. It's been awesome to see Brian Daboll script stuff this year that we haven't seen in the past, but it's dictated by the personnel they have. In these last few years there have been times where he's been given hard times by the media and the fan base, but this year he's obviously proven how great of an offensive mind he is.

5. What's at stake next week for the Bills

Besides the Bills, I think the Chiefs are the best team in the AFC and there's a lot of debate right now about who is the best team. So, when you look at that, the two seed means a good amount because you play one more week without playing them but to make the Super Bowl you have to play Kansas City regardless. And home-field advantage means a little less this year than most years because even if there are going to be fans it will be in a limited capacity. So, the home-field advantage does mean a little bit less this year, but to not have to travel would be valuable. If the Bills are able to get the two seed, they would obviously be ecstatic about that. The interesting thing is that we know Ben Roethlisberger will not play against the Browns, so if some of the Steelers are resting their players that might influence the Bills coaches when they decide what to do. There also may be certain instances of guys that may be dinged up so, maybe you rest them in this week. But as a player, you just have to trust the organization that they're doing what's best in their minds to get you to the Super Bowl.

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