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Falcons S Lawyer Milloy

Falcons Safety Lawyer Milloy

August 17, 2007


On their second preseason game

It's a work in progress. We did progress from the first week to this week. The ultimate thing is we got the victory and that's one thing that is hard to coach. Once you get that winning feeling, I don't care if it's preseason, we came here to win a ball game and we ultimately got that done. I think some of our younger players made big strides. I think they got better from the first preseason game to this one.


On if the Mike Vick situation has been a distraction

It really hasn't and it starts with the coach. I think that he's actually the right guy for our situation because of his demeanor and because of the way he approaches the game. When we got to training camp, we had a press conference and some of the leaders stepped up. We handled it and then we moved forward. He really instills a lot of confidence and trust in the leaders of this team and myself, Wayne Gandy, Keith Brooking, guys that have been here also help this team move forward.

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