Fantasy Football Throwback: 90s Bills square off


You've wondered. We've wondered. And we won't have to go back in time for the answer. How prolific would the Bills all-stars of the early '90s be on your fantasy football team?

To find out, we've pitted the Bills four Super Bowl teams against one another, with the winners facing off against Buffalo's 1964 and '65 AFL Championship squads next week. With Jim Kelly at the helm and a slew of Wall of Famers on both sides of the ball, these fantasy battles - using standard scoring rules from - are sure to settle the score on which Bills squad is the best of all time, right? Let the debate begin.

It's just a shame the internet wasn't invented sooner, or you could have run the table on the web while your team achieved unprecedented success on the field. Eat your heart out, Bills fantasy fans, and check back next week as Jack Kemp's AFL Championship return from their "bye week" in the Throwback Fantasy semifinal.

Fantasy stars Thurman Thomas, Jim Kelly, and Andre Reed (keeper league, anyone?) might not assemble to score you any points next week, but the Wall of Famers will be back together on September 15th in a special halftime ceremony at Ralph Wilson Stadium during the Bills-Panthers game. Get your tickets today. Here's the scoring breakdown for the opening round:

Seeded based on their squad's regular season winning percentage (90-91-93-92), the 1990 Bills beat the 1992 Bills, 68.26 to 66.72. Fantasy owners everywhere know what it's like to sweat out a win (or loss) like that, so let's just be happy this is fake fantasy football and move on.

The 1991 Bills were far and away the most prolific, with 81.04 points, beating out the 1992 team's 66.72.

Thurman Thomas and Jim Kelly were consistently the MVPs, as expected for Hall of Famers, earning bragging rights across the board. The '90 and '91 teams did well to win their first games, but what happens next week when the '64 and '65 AFL Championship squads led by QB Jack Kemp enter the equation?

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