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Final Pads Practice Has Some Pop

Perhaps it was the football-like weather that got the juices flowing because in the Bills final full pads practice there was some good physical play Tuesday.

"We wear the pads, but it's not live," said head coach Dick Jauron. "We do get a lot of thudding done. We played full thud. We don't wrap up the back and take him down, we do shoulder him. Down the field we don't hit them. We tag them off. We get work done as fast as we can and as hard as we can while trying to stay as healthy as we can."

After a 9-on-7 run game session there was a lengthy red zone segment where there was some good contact in the hole on running plays. Marshawn Lynch was again his usual elusive self. The offensive line did a decent job of opening up some holes although the defense had their share of stuffs.

Fourth-round pick Dwayne Wright ran particularly hard through the hole and was effective in maintaining his momentum after contact.

"He's getting better all the time," said Jauron of Wright. "It's a totally different game for him. The protection scheme is different for him. He's getting them down and feeling more and more comfortable. He's a big back and we believe he has good balance. I believe that he does a pretty nice job of picking a hole and getting his feet up and down through it. We're looking for really positive things from Dwayne."

Jauron also hinted that Wright could get more snaps on Friday night against Tennessee.

"I believe we will try to get him more action this week and get him into the game more and get him the ball more if we can," Jauron said. "We'll try to get him more comfortable."

Backup QB Update
Rookie Trent Edwards continues to get more of the work behind J.P. Losman in the practice setting. He's performed well in the preseason thus far with accurate throwing and good game management.

Jauron did not commit to naming the quarterback that will go in after Losman's night is over on Friday.

"We're going to play that by ear and see where that one goes," said Jauron. "Trent has done a real nice job. He's also gotten a lot more opportunities. When Craig played he played very well in New Orleans. He's a great guy in our meeting rooms, a great guy on the field. It's a good room right now. They've done a lot of work helping each other."

Once again in two-minute drill work Edwards got to run the second team. After a sideline throw to Jonathan Smith on first down, Edwards handed off to Lynch and then completed a third down pass to Scott Mayle who got the first down and out of bounds. With six seconds left on the clock Edwards then hit Smith over the middle for a touchdown.

Losman wasn't as successful with the first team. They got down to the 10-yard line with nine seconds left and Losman hit Lee Evans over the middle at the four, but he couldn't avoid defenders to reach the end zone. Time expired before the offense could line up and spike the ball in an effort to stop the clock.

Defensive highlights
Larry Tripplett had a 'would be' sack as he looped around the edge on an end-tackle stunt.

Linebacker Roy Manning had a pass breakup in 7-on-7 red zone work.

Paul Posluszny showed his lateral movement skill when he effectively covered Lynch on his way to the flat. Posluszny planted and drove toward the flight path of the ball which was thrown to Lynch and knocked it away to prevent the completion.

George Wilson pulled in an interception off a deflected pass. Jabari Greer played good technique to knock the ball out of Felton Huggins hands and right to Wilson.

Injury update
Sam Aiken left practice early under his own power after sustaining an undisclosed injury during red zone 7-on-7 work.

Jason Whittle also left practice early, but walked off on his own.

"With Jason I think he just felt a little sick so we sent him in and laid him down so he could rest for a while," said Jauron. "I anticipate he'll be fine. Sam I'm not certain. I'll find out when I speak with the training staff."

Brad Butler, Angelo Crowell, Melvin Fowler and Aaron Merz did not participate.

Josh Scobey participated in individiaul drills, but did not do anything else with the team as he tries to recover from a calf injury.

Donovan Morgan was dressed for practice, but did not get many reps.

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