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Fred Jackson featured in moving national campaign


It's common knowledge in Western New York that Bills RB Fred Jackson is not only an all-star on-the-field, but also off of it as an all-star dad to his four children. Now, with a new campaign featuring great dads – many from the NFL – that side of Jackson is getting national attention.

With the hype growing this week before many companies unveil their biggest and best advertisements of the year during the Super Bowl, Toyota USA has begun promoting their #OneBoldChoice campaign, this year focused on messaging about what it means "To Be A Dad."

"He didn't say a lot but you knew how much he cared for you through his actions," said Jackson, speaking about his own father. "He sees how I am with my kids and how loving and nurturing I am with them. I can count on one hand how many times my dad hugged me in public and showed affection like that. Now, he's quick to do it."

Jackson was joined by DeMarcus Ware of the Broncos as well as NFL alumni Kurt Warner and Lavar Arrington in this 3-minute video previewing the campaign. It's well-worth a watch:

Jackson's son Braeden is an all-star himself in the video. When asked how he knows his dad loves him, Braden said, "Good job son, you're the best son I've ever had. Which, he doesn't have any other sons though."

Jackson and Toyota are asking fans to engage in the conversation by tweeting photos of their dads using the hashtag #OneBoldChoice.

According to Business Wire, Toyota will air a 60-second ad from the "To Be A Dad" campaign in the second quarter of Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday, February 1 on NBC.

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Check out this longer version of the pre-Super Bowl video and be on the lookout for the Bills own Fred Jackson and his son during the big game next weekend.

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