Fred Jackson limited in practice, remains optimistic


His original prognosis was almost double, but virtually no one was surprised to see Fred Jackson participating in practice just over two weeks since sustaining a groin injury. Jackson was a limited participant Wednesday.

"It went okay," said Jackson shortly after receiving treatment post practice. "It was good action, the first time I've done anything on it like that being out at practice so it went well. We'll see how it goes. The doctors are still being doctors and being cautious. So I've got to see how things progress throughout the week."

How Jackson's groin responds to the workload Thursday morning will tell a lot in determining the running back's availability for Sunday's pivotal AFC conference matchup with the Chiefs.

Jackson said he performed at full speed in practice during the time when he was out there.

From Division III to the NFL, Fred Jackson has seen it all in his football career. Congrats on a remarkable career.

"To be able to get out there and play sooner than later I have to see what I'm able to do," he said. "I was able to do the things that I was asked to do at full speed and they're going to continue to gauge things that I do and let me know what the chances of me playing are. I was able to feel confident in moving around so if things continue to progress it's good news."

There is also an additional factor for the team physicians to consider concerning Jackson's availability this Sunday. Just four days later is Buffalo's next game when they travel to Miami to take on the Dolphins in a Thursday night game. The close proximity of the two games will be taxing on every player including Jackson should he be cleared to play Sunday.

"To play this weekend and then come back and play four days later is something that I'm sure they will take into account," Jackson said. "It's something we all have to take into account. That's something that they'll think about all week. If it's going to hinder being able to play the rest of the season that's something they'll tell me and something I have to deal with."

When asked if he was given an estimate of his chances of playing Sunday against Kansas City, Jackson explained that at this point he's not getting that kind of feedback from the team's medical staff.

"They wouldn't even give me that," he said. "You ask the doctors what are the chances and they say, 'We don't want to give you a number.' I don't know what the numbers are, but I hope they're closer to me playing than not playing."

The Bills are entering an important stretch of their schedule with each of their next five games against AFC opponents including four that are in the playoff race with Buffalo. It's what has Jackson doing everything he can in his rehab regimen to get right and return to the lineup before too long.

"As a competitor you want to be out there playing with your teammates," he said. "They're doing some tremendous things. We have a good opportunity in front of us. If we continue to go out and take care of our business we're right in the thick of things and we can end up where we want to be at the end of the season."

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