Fred Jackson on Brian Moorman's Release

As much as the release of Brian Moorman from the Bills shocked the fans, it shocked the players as well.  Fred Jackson appeared on the John Murphy Show and called it "a hard pill to swallow."  Jackson said that Moorman was very well liked in the locker room as well as the community.  This being said, however, Fred also said that he understands this is a business, and moves are made that everyone might not like but you have to accept it and move on.  Jackson talked about his recovery and said he owes everything to the training staff, and should he play on Sunday he expects a rowdy crowd at "The Ralph."

The pride of Lackawanna, Ron Jaworski, did not mix words when speaking about the replacement officials.  He said, when speaking about the questionable call from this past Monday night game, that we finally saw the refs take a win away from a team when they robbed Green Bay.  Being the tape cruncher that he is, Jaws has spent a lot of time looking at the Bills so far and he said the people that have stood out to him the most are Nick Barnett, Bryan Scott and the entire offensive line.  Getting ready for this upcoming game, John Murphy asked Jaworski what is so tough about this New England defense.  His answer?  "Nothing."

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