Fred Jackson: "We got the running game going early"


Q: Did you feel you had to reestablish yourself?

A: Well I mean everyone wants to be on the field. My job is to just go out there and make plays when I get the opportunity. I felt like coming out here seeing what type of game it was, we were going to have to run the ball. I felt I would be able to get out there and get that opportunity and make plays. I told CJ expect the ball a lot today. We got the running game going early so there was something I wanted to do personally and I am just going to continue to try and make plays no matter what the workload is. You know I feel like I can make a play when I get out there.

Q: How does it feel to have a 100 yard game?

A: Well it's good. You know its going to be one of those games, you know it's got to be ground and pound game. To come out and establish early and take some pressure off the offense and Fitz, is always a good thing. For me to get back out there and get established, it is a long time coming. You know it's a big lift off my shoulders. I can keep building from there.

Q: Was this a blueprint game?

A: Without a doubt. We feel like we know our best players are in the running back room. So that's how we want to approach the game.  We have to go out and get started early, we feel like if we do that then it gives us a good opportunity to win football games. If we continue to do this we make plays, it is going to take a lot pressure off our offense.

Q: Why did it take twelve games to start playing like this?

A: All I can do is go out and make plays when my number is called. You know things aren't always going to go the way we wanted them too. It's an up and down game. So hopefully we can just keep making plays like we did today and take all the other things out of it.

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