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Fullback Darian Barnes- 7/31

Fullback Darian Barnes

PM Practice – July 31, 2008


On tonight's practice and making good hits:

It's just the job. I really don't think about. Just got to go in there and make a hole for the back.


On the guy he hits thinking about it the same way:

I don't think so. But it's our defense, they've got a job to do, too, a lot of tough guys over there. It's fun, they're not backing down and neither am I, but it's practice, we're all trying to get better at it.


On training camp and the way it's run:

I think Coach Jauron does a great job of keeping us healthy, but we're still getting our work done and getting mentally prepared for the season. I'm used to camps where there's two-a-days everyday and you're hitting constantly, and that can wear on you but this way I think guys are really concentrating on what we need to know to play the game.


On the difficulty of finding guys that do the job that he does:

Because it's not for everybody. It's a rare group of guys. I can name maybe on my hand guys that really go out there and do it every Sunday. Knowing that I can do it and just keep trying to play and show him why he brought me here, and help make the team better.


On tonight's hits:

Like I said it's just part of the game. I'm not out here looking to cut or make a move, you give me the ball and I'm going to get the first down.

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