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'He's one of the better humans on this planet' | Bills players show their support for Sean McDermott following win


There are plenty of takeaways from the Buffalo Bills' 20-17 win over the Kansas City Chiefs, but perhaps the most important one is in relation to what went on off the field.

The Buffalo Bills have Sean McDermott's back.

"You can question a lot of things about coaching style, you can question a lot of things about my decision-making, you can question a lot of things about this team, but to question his character and who he is as a man … he's one of the better humans on this planet," Allen said after the game.

During the week leading up to the Chiefs game, a story regarding a message McDermott delivered to the team during training camp in 2019 resurfaced and made its rounds in the national media cycle.

McDermott addressed the message and ensuing response with the media as well as with his team, and throughout the week and after Sunday's win, his players reaffirmed their support.

"We know who Coach McDermott is, as a man, as a coach, as a leader of this team," said linebacker Terrel Bernard after the game. "We don't pay attention to the outside noise or what's going on outside of our building. Everybody in the building knows who he is and we're behind him a thousand percent."

Check out the best images from the field and inside the Bills locker room following Buffalo's big win over the Chiefs.

Perhaps the most eloquent response to the situation came from center Mitch Morse, who shared a story that reinforced the care players say McDermott shows for them that extends beyond the gridiron.

"I have dealt with anxiety in my past, something I'm fairly open with, and a few years ago, we're playing away and I'm having a really tough time before a game, getting myself ready to go and I don't know if I'm going to play or not," Morse said. "Sean pulled me aside in his office and sat me down as a man and said, 'You know, there's so much more to life than football. You have a great family and whatever happens on that field today, it's not going to relate to that and just go out there and fly around.' … It was just one of the most unique things that he did 90 minutes before a football game. … Personally speaking, for myself, I would do anything for that man."

As the Bills fight for their playoff lives, no player shied away from the fact that Sunday's game was a must-win. McDermott said that his players did an excellent job of drowning out the off-field noise and focusing on beating Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs.

"Our guys, the staff, the players, were steadfast in their focus. I couldn't be more proud of a group, I really couldn't, at this point in the regular season," McDermott said. "To a person, they didn't flinch. They were focused, they supported one another, they supported me and I don't take that for granted at all."

Bills general manager Brandon Beane awarded McDermott a game ball following the big win.

"[The players and staff] mean the world to me and they showed their care and their appreciation and love for me and my family," McDermott said. "This is professional sports, you don't get that everywhere and the Buffalo community, same thing. We moved here six years ago, it's not like we've been here our entire lives, and they've just embraced us and we're so grateful as a family."

Allen threw for 233 yards and accounted for two touchdowns, but McDermott gave him and the other leaders on the team credit for how they led the locker room throughout the week as the outside noise started to trickle into the facility.

"The players set a great example of it, led by Josh, Micah, our captains. … They were steadfast, they weren't flinching. They just knew what the vision was moving forward and they set a great example. There were some moments for me quite honestly where I had to deal with some other things more than I would have liked to in terms of taking my eyes off the film and whatnot, but the staff did a phenomenal job of picking up the slack when I wasn't there."

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