Head Coach Dick Jauron


PM Practice – August 4, 2008


Opening Statement

We added a couple players today, Donnie [Spragan] and CJ [Hawthorne], a linebacker and of course a wide receiver and we needed to get them in for obvious reasons. I think the schedule for Alvin [Bowen] right now since we know the extent of the injury, and the surgery will probably be pushed off for a week. We'll do some rehab before that time and then get the repair done. You're probably interested in why Donte [Whitner] was out. He's got a little ankle injury and we want to make sure, so we'll examine it. We've already examined it one way. I think Bud [Carpenter] wants to get an MRI just to make sure and then we'll take care of whatever that is. And hopefully it'll pass very quickly. Josh Reed had kind of a low back. The doctors were going to look at him today. They're going to be here after practice, so we'll know more about that, too. Right now, Bud doesn't feel that it's real serious, but he wants to make sure the doctors take a long look at it and we want to make sure we're pretty cautious.


On Alvin Bowens' diagnosis

It'll be a major repair and it'll take to rehab. I don't know how long, but months.


On Copeland Bryan sitting out of practice today

Copeland's [Bryan] had a hamstring, and we're just kind of moving along day-to-day. Unfortunately, it's not one of those that Bud has said, 'He should be back relatively soon.' I'm not as optimistic about that one as I am the others.

On inviting another receiver to camp

We were running, we had nine to start with, which I don't mind nine because I think they have to get used to running a lot. The problem is when you get multiple injuries like we did. James [Hardy] was sitting down, and then Steve [Johnson] was watching, and then you've got Josh and Roscoe [Parrish] who are taking a lot of extra reps early in camp. And I didn't like that. We all just felt like we needed to get somebody in and we feel like we got a pretty good guy who is competitive, quick and a high-character guy. He's got a chance and he'll take some of the load off of these guys.


On when CJ Hawthorne will start taking significant reps

He's practicing right now. He was out there today in special teams drills and other drills, so he's already helping to take the load. If he's not out there, somebody else has to be. He's already working and working hard. He'll get more on the offensive side as we move, certainly as we move through tomorrow, and then the next day after.


On the Brett Favre situation

They've had to deal with a real difficult situation, but difficult in some pretty interesting and good ways. This is a guy, I believe he was high in the MVP voting a year ago so you can't be too disappointed that the guy's back on your football team. He's played 275 consecutive games and it goes on forever with what he's done. So once you make the decision to get over it, and you've done a lot of work to go the other way, you're really apprehensive, too, because let's face it, this guy has won a lot of games for that franchise. He's a tremendous football player. It is disruptive, I'm sure to some degree. They're happy to have him. I know a little bit about Aaron Rodgers. I really like him and he will compete. I guess that is what is going to happen but I haven't really followed it that closely or heard anything that has been said about it. Now they are back into training camp and in a regular situation that we talk about a lot, it's a very competitive atmosphere. There is a guy that is penciled in at every position as a number one and everyone else behind him is trying to take his job. If they outplay him then they deserve the job so whoever they put at the top, that's the tough one because the guy has held it for so long. Aaron is patiently waiting and it sounds like a pretty good situation to be in at the end of the day.



On Angelo Crowell getting back into practice

Wait for tomorrow and hopefully he has a good week of practice. You have to be able to stay on the field and get ready to play and play consistently in this league. We are anxious. It is great to have him back out there and we are anxious to see how he tolerates it.


On Roscoe Parrish getting hit

I don't have any doubts abut Roscoe [Parrish]. He is not a big person as we know but he has no idea. He plays like he weighs 270 pounds. He plays the game so hard and so fearlessly. He is not a guy that would even think about not competing. It was good to see Ashton [Youboty] step up and he is working hard. Roscoe is a wonder in a lot of ways.


On Darian Barnes

Darien [Barnes] has done a really nice job through the OTA's and into the early part of camp. He is very physical and has good size. He understands the position and understands what we want from him. He has experience playing it [fullback] so he becomes a very valuable guy in our offense. Turk [Schonert] likes the two back. The two back has always been a part of his past as a player all the way through college and into the NFL. We are really happy to have Darian. The more I get to know him, he has a very good personality for this club and I believe he fits right in.

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