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Head Coach Dick Jauron - 8/17

PM Practice – August 17, 2008
On Donte Whitner's absence from practice
Donte [Whitner] wasn't here for personal reasons and we were aware of it. We talked and we knew he would be missing so we'll just have to see when he can get back.
On Derek Schouman's status of returning to practice
Derek's [Schouman] going to be a little while. We're hoping not a long while but at this point Bud's [Carpenter] talking in the weeks. So it's not good, but it could've been worse.
On Schouman's injury
It's a strain, like a knee strain.
On James Hardy
Hamstring, just soreness. It was bothering him a little bit at the game and we knew that. And when played on tape, he moved fast and he moved really well. He played aggressively. I've said this before, he stays on top of things. So we're trying to get past it and we'll probably give him two or three days here and see if we can get rid of it for good and hopefully we can.
On Kennard Cox
Kennard [Cox] tweaked, I believe, an ankle and was kind of gimpy. He tried to go earlier and it's just sore.
On Josh Reed being back in practice
It was really good. Josh [Reed] is a good player and we're depending on him to make plays for us. He knows how to play the game at this level. He's a tough guy, a good blocker for us, runs after the catch, so we're anticipating really big things from Josh.
On Leodis McKelvin's progress
Leodis [McKelvin] has shown in the two exhibition games and obviously on college tapes and through our OTA's his athletic ability. It clearly shows up on the field. And he's learning a little bit every day about how corner is played in the National Football League. He's got really good instincts obviously and he's got great speed. When he puts that foot in the ground and makes a radical cut he's hard to catch if he gets a step on you. I'm very happy with his progress but he's certainly got a ways to go.

On shifting Jon Corto to linebacker Jon [Corto] was a linebacker in college. Size wise we thought he fit the safety position more and just all loved his temperament since we've been introduced to him. Perry [Fewell] probably wanted to move him earlier. When we got all the injuries we then said we've got to move him. There's a guy that's played the position, we're really low on linebackers going into that game, and Perry talked to Jon and Jon was all for it. He just wants to play. He just wants a chance to play and he really did a good job. So it worked out and we'll see where it goes.
On Corto doing well on film
All things considered in that game we don't want to put on due pressure on a young man going into their next game because every game's different. But he probably did a little bit better than pretty well. He showed up and I'm sure you all noticed him on the field.
On Duke Preston and practice time
He got a little practice time before the game but as you recall we lost those two tackles, not at the beginning of that, so there wasn't a lot of time left when they got hurt. But Duke [Preston] certainly got some walk thru reps and talked about reps but there wasn't a whole lot else we could do about it.
On Matt Murphy being able to get healthy enough in time for the season
Yes, as far as I know until they tell me differently.

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