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How Jordan Poyer, A.J. Klein set the tone for a big defensive day in win over Seattle

Jordan Poyer (21) interception. Buffalo Bills vs Seattle Seahawks, November 8, 2020 at Bills Stadium. Photo by Sara Schmidle
Jordan Poyer (21) interception. Buffalo Bills vs Seattle Seahawks, November 8, 2020 at Bills Stadium. Photo by Sara Schmidle

The Bills defense was aggressive in today's battle against the Seahawks. They were able to intercept Russell Wilson twice and sack him five times with two of those being strip-sacks. Both Jordan Poyer and Tre'Davious White were able to get their first interceptions of the year. Jerry Hughes and A.J. Klein were the players who produced strip-sacks of Wilson. Klein spoke about how Poyer's red zone interception ignited a spark in the defense that carried throughout the game.

"To be honest, I think it's Poyer's pick in the red zone that started it all off," Klein explained. "They marched down the field a little bit on us. I don't know if we had a penalty during that drive, but to get in the red zone, to be able to bow up and hold them to either a field goal or get a turnover is huge. Key points off the board is huge and Po [Poyer] started it off this week."

In both of the Seahawks losses this year, Wilson has thrown multiple interceptions. Poyer got his hands on one of those and it was the 14th interception of his career. He walked us through his pick, and how he was able to make a big play in a big spot.

"I was able to read it and Jerry was able to get pressure in his face and force him to make a throw he probably didn't want to make, and I was able to make a play on the football. The same exact play Micah Hyde had last year against New England."

The front seven was able to get a lot of pressure on Wilson throughout the whole game, allowing the defensive backfield to take advantage of some of his errant throws. Quinton Jefferson who was able to get a win against his former team talked about the effort of the Bills defensive backs who were going up against a very talented group of wide receivers. 

"They played great," Jefferson stated. "There are some great receivers over there, I feel like future Hall of Famers on that side of the ball and they stepped up to the test. Like I said, they're going to get theirs because they're great players as well. But when we had the opportunity, we made plays. Guys were getting interceptions and stuff, so it was great."

Since 2017, Micah Hyde, Jordan Poyer, and Tre'Davious White combined for 31 interceptions, and coming into this game the trio didn't have an interception all season. With Poyer and White getting their first picks in today's game it leaves Hyde who is still looking for his first of the season. Hyde said after the game that as long as plays are being made, he doesn't care who makes them.

"I'm the lone ranger," Hyde said. "Yeah, we were definitely due. We were due eight weeks ago. It was good to see 21 and 27 get on the board today. Po [Poyer] made a hell of a play in the red zone. Taking points off of the board, that's huge. Tre'Davious third and long, they were backed up, they were trying to be aggressive. The game was so tight I think it was a 10-point game at that time. They were trying to put something together, get something going and Tre'Davious made a hell of a play. Obviously, we were busting his chops because he got tackled on the three against a lineman. We're going to kill him in the meeting room, he has to score that. We talk about scoring on defense. It was just good to see them get on the board, it's just something that the whole DB group can grow off of. We're an unselfish group. We don't care who makes the play as long as we're making plays. I think we went into this game knowing that the plays were going to be out there, it's just on us to catch the ball."