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Gabe Davis (13). Day 12 of Buffalo Bills Training Camp at St. John Fisher, August 7, 2022.  Photo by Ben Green
In focus: The stories behind our favorite Bills preseason photos
Our photographers pick their 10 favorite frames from the preseason and describe the process of how they got the shot
By Buffalo Bills Sep 03, 2022

Ever wonder how we get the photos of your favorite Buffalo Bills moments? There's a lot more that goes into it than just a click of the button and we want to share that story with you and why these images are important. As we get ready for the start of the 2022 NFL Season, we're highlighting 10 photos captured by two of our team photographers during the preseason and training camp.

Josh Allen & the Buffalo Summer Sky

Josh Allen (17). Buffalo Bills Training Camp at One Bills Drive, August 17, 2022.  Photo by Bill Wippert

"Covering practice in mid-August on yet another perfect summer day at One Bills Drive, I was moving from one end of the field to the other, spotted Josh Allen standing by himself and quickly got into a low position to make a photo of him with the vivid blue sky around him. The color is aided by my use of a flash to pop the red in his jersey. The original was a looser, full-length vertical image – but upon editing, I decided to crop it very tight to make it more of an art shot. I should add - the photo was partly possible because Mitch Morse, saw me getting into my crouch to make the photo and stopped walking towards Josh so I could get the shot. Teamwork!" — Bill Wippert

Poyer and The Pad

Poyer Pad tackle

"One of the biggest challeges I take on as a team photographer for an NFL team is to make images that don't appear to have been taken at a football practice or game. A lot of factors went into this image that made it one of my favorites from training camp. For starters, getting as low to the ground as possible allowed me to clean up the backgrounds, getting rid of the rest of practice and using the blue sky as my backdrop. The relationship between the hues of blue on the pad, jersey, helmet, logo, and sky combine to be just different enough that it strikes the eye as interesting. The donut shape of the the pad itself and textures in it lead the eye to Jordan where you can see the pop of color from his visor which illuminates his face." — Ben Green

Stefon & Friends

Stefon Diggs (14) sits on the wall posing for photos with fans following the Return of the Blue and Red at Highmark Stadium, August 5, 2022.  Photo by Bill Wippert

"Following the conclusion of the Return of the Blue & Red practice at Highmark Stadium, many of the players stopped to sign autographs for fans. Stefon Diggs took it to the next level, literally, as he hopped up onto the stadium wall and posed for photos with dozens of fans – sliding along the wall – to be sure he got to as many fans as possible. The kids (of all ages) loved it and this image was one of my favorites from that night." — Bill Wippert

In stride — Poyer and Allen

Allen Poyer training camp 2022

"This image was more luck than anything else. As Josh exited out of the locker room and toward the field for practice, I was looking for ways to clean up the background and make a more interesting image than just a player walking. Seeing the two different types of fencing, I decided to get low and incorporate their colors and textures. It wasn't until after practice that I noticed Jordan on the other side of the fence, looking at Josh. Finding interesting aspects to a photo happens both when taking and editing and this image is a great example of that relationship." — Ben Green

Mr. Hair Flip — Brandin Bryant

Brandin Bryant (93) at 2022 Buffalo Bills Media Day, June 13, 2022.
  Photo by Bill Wippert

"At our June Veterans Media Day we shoot a variety of photos from very basic headshots, media guide profile photos, artsy creative shots and league-required portraits that are often used on the national broadcasts. They are done at a crazy, fast pace getting through over 60 players in a few hours. Some ideas are planned and others are very spur of the moment. With a few extra moments left with Brandin Bryant, I asked him do a couple hair flips – he's a good sport and a great hair-flipper, too!" — Bill Wippert

Eyes Focused — Tremaine Edmunds

Tremaine Edmunds

" 'The eyes are the window to the soul' is a saying that rings around my head when I photograph. I throw away a significant amount of "good" images simply because the eyes are closed, hidden by a helmet, or not interesting. This image of Tremaine taken during the Return of the Blue and Red practice is one example of the images that make the cut. His locked on focus to the ball tell a bigger story than the catch itself. The determination to making the play, the hustle, the effort are all present in his eyes. This image was slightly wider when I took it, but I cropped in as tight as possible to lead the viewer from the football, through the hands, and to his eyes." — Ben Green

No Helmet Tackle — Tyrel Dodson

Tyrel Dodson (53) loses his helmet making a tackle. Buffalo Bills vs Carolina Panthers, Preseason Week 3, August 26, 2022 at Bank of America Stadium.  Photo by Bill Wippert

"This photo is pure luck. At our preseason game in Carolina, I was lined up facing the Bills defense, as we often are, to get the best angles on our defensive players. The Panthers ran a simple run to the left, I began shooting a sequence as he approached the defense, Dodson made the hit, and as I was continuing to shoot, his helmet flew off, with me getting a nice sequence of it all. Right place, right time, press button." — Bill Wippert

More Than a Game

Return of the Blue and Red at Highmark Stadium, August 5, 2022.  Photo by Ben Green

"Football is arguably the best sport on earth, but it is more than just a game - it's a community. Bills Mafia is what makes this city, this team, and this sport great. Near the beginning of the Return of the Blue and Red practice, I saw a patch of sunlight hit these Bills fans along the end zone wall and I took a few frames. No pun intended, the sun allowed me to highlight our fans and their excitement to be back at Highmark stadium. Being a photographer means that you have to constantly chase light, and I was lucky enough to catch the light for this image." — Ben Green

Double the Flips

Isaiah McKenzie does a pregame backflip watched, then joined, by Owen Schmitt. Buffalo Bills vs Denver Broncos, Preseason Week 2, August 20, 2022 at Highmark Stadium.   Photo by Bill Wippert

"Pregame, there is always a lot happening and the key is to keep our eyes & ears open and be ready for anything unexpected. About 90 minutes before the Bills-Broncos preseason game, fan Owen Schmitt was brought onto the field behind the end zone & asked to see McKenzie do a few backflips. He quickly obliged and then got to see Schmitt do one of his own. A cool moment for both of them." — Bill Wippert

Up Close With Kaiir Elam

Kaiir Elam

"If I could pick a word that describes my photographic practice, it would be "intentionality". Every game and event would be significantly easier to sit back and use my 400mm long lens to shoot, but that wouldn't tell the true story of the Buffalo Bills. The access and trust that leads to an image like this, allows me to be intentional in my lens choice, using a wider angle and getting far closer to an athlete to tell their story. Being intentional about waiting for the right moments as a bead of sweat falls, up close, from Kaiir's eyebrow before a game is a very unique experience. Every choice I make from the lighting to framing, to my distance from the subject is done to tell our team's story with intention." — Ben Green

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