Jackson visits 2012 Touchdown for Teachers winner


Buffalo Bills running back Fred Jackson visited the 2012 Buffalo Bills and M&T Bank Touchdown for Teachers grand prize winner Bridget Maio at the World of Inquiry School No. 58 in Rochester, New York.

The fourth annual M&T Bank Touchdown for Teachers program honors Western New York teachers for their outstanding service to their schools and communities. Honorees are chosen based on their amount of involvement in the school or community, degree of positive impact on the school or community and their demonstrated commitment to education.

Maio, a band and music teacher at the World of Inquiry School in Rochester, won the award due to her outstanding commitment to the school, not giving up when she was denied a grant to establish a school a cappella group. Maio reached out to the Yellow Jackets, an a cappella group at the University of Rochester, who recently appeared on the NBC show, "The Sing Off" and asked for help. Her perseverance and dedication to the school's program gave over 100 students grades 3-9 the opportunity to learn from the Yellow Jackets, and help them prepare for performances in December and April. Thanks to Ms. Maio, the school will continue the program and be able to provide this opportunity to students for years to come.

"Being able to recognize a talented and dedicated teacher like Bridget Maio is an honor for the Buffalo Bills," said Bruce Popko, Bills Senior Vice President of Business Development. "Working together with M&T Bank on our M&T Bank Touchdown for Teachers program allows us the ability to showcase the outstanding educators we have in Western New York."

"Ms. Maio's work with her music students and the A Cappella Club is an example of the student-centered approach taken at the World of Inquiry School. A good educational system benefits the entire community, which is why M&T Bank has always looked for ways to bring new resources to the Rochester City Schools and we're proud to join with the Buffalo Bills to honor Ms. Maio's hard work as the M&T Bank Touchdown for Teachers grand prize winner," said M&T Bank Regional President Dan Burns.

As part of her grand prize, Maio will receive a $1,000 dollar grant for the World of Inquiry School in Rochester from M&T Bank and the Buffalo Bills.

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