Jairus Byrd seeks second opinion on foot


Jairus Byrd was one of many players who did not set foot on the playing field for the Bills Thursday night against the Lions. However, Byrd wasn't even in the stadium or Western New York as he went to seek a second opinion on an ailing foot.

"Jairus Byrd same type of situation like Mario (Williams)," said head coach Doug Marrone. "His foot was sore so we wanted to make sure that we sent him down to Dr. Anderson. So he went to see Dr. Anderson so he could see about the soreness he's been having in his foot."

Anderson is a renowned orthopedist based in Charlotte, North Carolina, who specializes in foot injuries. He provided a report on Mario Williams' ailing foot just last month when the defensive end missed a couple of days of training camp to travel to Charlotte for an examination too.

Byrd has been back with the team for over a week after not reporting to the club as its signed franchise player all offseason. Since he's been with the club he's practiced on a limited basis as he learns the defensive system with his team work consisting of reps with the third unit.

Perhaps a foot problem has also limited his level of participation in practice.

When asked if Byrd's foot injury is a concern Marrone deferred to the medical professionals.

"It's not a concern yet until Dr. Anderson says something," said Marrone.

The only other Bills player that was not in attendance Thursday night was C.J. Spiller, who was tending to his grieving family after his grandfather was allegedly part of a deadly shooting last weekend.

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