Jeff Tuel: "I'm going to prepare like I'm the No. 1"

QB Jeff Tuel

Training Camp – August 18, 2013

Q: How has your progression changed with injuries that have allowed you to get more reps?

A: Like I've said this from the beginning of the day I got here, I'm going to prepare like I'm the No. 1, whether I'm the three, two or number one guy. I think that's the best way to approach the game. If the time comes and the opportunity presents itself, I'm going to be prepared.

Q: How do you feel like you've progressed here at camp?

A: Overall, I've felt pretty good about my progression through the practices and stuff. There are things I need to improve on and continue to improve on, so I know Coach Hackett has been on me and we're just going to continue to get better and work on the little things to continue to improve my game and make this a better football team.

Q: What are the things that Coach Hackett has been on you about?

A: Just quarterback-specific stuff: slowing down my feet, staying calm in the pocket, footwork, going through progressions, reading things out and then just really challenging me to know the offense as well as he does. I know guys like EJ (Manuel) and Kevin (Kolb) have said that Coach Hackett has really challenged us to know it as well as him, and when he calls a play, to see what he's thinking on the field. That's the biggest thing I need to improve on.

Q: How beneficial was the time when Kevin (Kolb) was injured and your workload increased?

A: Very beneficial. You hate to see a guy go down, but if you're doing anything in life, the more you do it, the better you're going to get at it. It's just a fact. I was really blessed with the opportunity to run with the twos and get those extra snaps in. I think it helped my game tremendously.

Q: What made you decide to come to Buffalo?

A: They brought me on a pre-draft visit. I met with all the coaches and I really liked the energy, the feel and where they were going. I really like Coach Hackett's style – he's as crazy then as he is now. I knew I was going to have a good time, learn a lot from him. I felt like he was going to make me the best football player I could be. I just felt really good about the city and everything. It felt right. It was easy.

Q: Do you feel like you have a shot to be a starter?

A: Yeah. If you go into anything thinking you have no shot, you're dooming yourself from the beginning. I just take it one rep at a time, and make the best plays I can: the best reads, the best throws, all that. Just continue to get better and see where it takes me.

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