Jill of the week: Melissa

Q: What is your favorite part of being a Jill?

A: My favorite part of being a Jill is dancing and cheering on the field for the Bills. Let me think this through. My favorite thing about being a Jill is cheering right here at the Ralph. I can't wait for when the tunnel opens and the players run through and the crowd is just on their feet cheering. It's the most exhilarating feeling I've ever experienced.Q: Talk about what your game day duties include?A: On game day it's my duty as the co-captain of my line to direct the girls on my line and call out different cheers. When music plays my job is to call out music and just make sure everyone is organized, doing the same thing and all the girls are going to look to me for guidance.

On game day it's my duty as the co-captain of my line to guide the other cheerleaders on my line and to call out different cheers, whether we are on defense or offense. Call out a dance if music starts to play, so the girls all kind of look to me and the captain of our line for direction throughout the game.

Q: Do you have any game day rituals?A: On game day it's always a team ritual that we'll meet just inside the tunnel and everybody stands in a circle and holds hands.

Before every game it's our game day ritual that we'll all stand together in the tunnel and make a circle and just get focused and make sure that we're all ready for the game and excited and we wish the best of the luck to the Bills and head out of the tunnel and on to the field.Most Memorable Moment/ Greatest Achievement: My most memorable moments as a Jill are when the Bills beat the Patriots at home my Rookie season and being selected as a team Co-Captain this season. My greatest achievement is graduating magna cum laude from college.

Words to describe yourself: Practical, independent, witty, confidentHobbies: Reading, running, and enjoying the Western New York sun while we have it!

Reasons I like Buffalo: The four seasons (snow days!), the food, and the great sports fans

Goals for the future: Travel to Alaska- I'd love to see the wildlife, mountains, and glaciers in person

Worst Fear: Small spaces and spiders- a deadly combination if you ask me!

Favorite Food: Does ice cream count? I like steak, chicken, and potatoes- the basics

Favorite Music Artist/Group:Keith Urban is ultimate my favorite musician. I've seen him in concert almost every time he comes to Buffalo.

Favorite Actor/Actress/Movie: My favorite actors are Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Bradley Cooper, Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, & Kate Hudson. I'm a sucker for romantic comedies.Favorite TV show: I don't have much time for TV, but I always make time to watch the Bachelor or Bachelorette. I'm addicted!Favorite Animal: Black bears... I'd love to see one in the woods- from far away of course!

My ideal date: A delicious dinner on a patio, a walk along the water or somewhere outside, and stopping for dessert on the way home.

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