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Jim Monos on Preston Brown: "You see him all over the field"


Director of Player Personnel Jim Monos**

Friday, May 9, 2014 

Q: Can you describe what you like about Preston Brown?

A: First off, right off the bat he played at a high program. Lot of production, lot of good character guys there and played for a great head coach at Louisville. He was consistent for three years as a starter and fit a lot of things we're looking for.

Q: What are some of those things you were looking for?A: Physically? Physically he has size right off the bat. He plays hard; you see him all over the field. He plays on the other side of the ball and has good tackles for loss. He can go side to side. He's probably better against the run than the pass right now, but he can do both. He's a very good athlete.

Q: Does he have special teams ability?A: He will. He runs well and is a good athlete.

Q: Did he make calls for them?A: Yes.

Q: After focusing on offense, what led you to turn the attention on to the defense?A: I'll give you the general line; he was the highest guy on our board. (Laughs) No, I had to say that. Really our linebacker depth, I know we addressed it in free agency, but we still want to keep adding depth to that position.

Q: Can you describe your linebacker group? It's kind of transformed form last year.A: Completely different. It's a different defense so it had to. With the free agent signings, that is more of a coaching thing. We'll see how they're used, but I think it's going to be a battle. That's what we're trying to do, create competition at the position.

Q: All three guys you picked were in for visits. Does that show the importance of that in your process or is it more just a coincidence?A: I would say more of a coincidence. I've been with teams where we had thirty guys and didn't get any of them. I'd say it's more of a coincidence.

Q: Is he best suited to play on the strong side or weak side?A: That will be a coaching thing. He can do both in my opinion. He's done it, but that will be more up to the staff.

Q: He played more middle for them right?A: Yeah. We see him a little bit as a Mike right now, but he's versatile enough.

Q: Is the plan to have Jerry Hughes as a defensive end in the new defensive system?A: Jerry will get the first crack at it as a defensive end. Q: Is that the same thing for Manny Lawson?
A: Manny is going to play defensive end.* *

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