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Jim Monos on Ross Cockrell: "He's a winner"


Director of Player Personnel Jim Monos**

Saturday, May 10, 2014 

Q: Lengthwise, what do you like about Ross Cockrell?A: That is what jumps out right away: his size. You love his size and he's played there and competed well every year there. He's a winner, has ball skills, has good speed. Every guy we've taken so far has been a part of winning program and that is a big thing we're stressing.

Q: Were you at the East-West game?A: I was not at that game.

Q: He had a pick at the end of that game.A: Ross has picks from throughout his career and that is one thing he has a knack for. He's a very instinctive, intelligent guy. He picks it up real quick. He's another guy we had on a visit here and did a great job.

Q: What did you think about his performance in the bowl game against Texas A&M?A: I think the word that comes out with Ross is he is always consistent. No matter if it's Mike Evans, which everybody brings that up because that was the best player he went against, him and Sammy (Watkins). He's played against all these guys and he is always consistent.

Q: Will he contribute on special teams?A: Yeah, we expect him to.

Q: Do you know if he has graduated?A: Oh yeah, Ross has graduated.

Q: Do you see him more as a boundary corner?A: That's more of a coaching thing. I don't know, that is more for Coach Schwartz.

Q: Did he play a lot of off man zone?A: He has. That's the thing, he has done both. We feel comfortable with him doing both.

Q: Do you see leadership potential with him since he was a captain?A: You could see it even at his pro day. Guys gravitate to him and he is the leader of that group. Thad Lewis also said that Ross picked him off when Thad was a senior there and Ross might have been a freshman. Thad said, 'If you can pick me off you have to be pretty good.'

Q: Does he bring some intelligence since he was All-ACC at Duke?A: Yeah, he's off the charts.

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