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Johnson taking hands-off approach to contract

As he makes his way down radio row at the Super Bowl later today Stevie Johnson is going to be asked the question dozens of times.

Will you be re-signing with the Bills?

Johnson has an answer prepared and it's one that effectively removes him from the arduous give and take that takes place in contract negotiations.

"I told (my agent) that I don't want you to tell me about anything about the contract," said Johnson. "You know how negotiations go. I don't need to hear about this story or that story, this comment or that comment that came up. I'm just going to trust his work and do what I do in the offseason and let him bring me back what he's got when it's all finalized and that's it."

Johnson intends to focus on his offseason workout regimen and let his agent handle the prospect of re-signing with Buffalo. Though it's just his first time going through the free agency process Johnson believes distancing himself from the negotiation conversations will be better for him.

"Yeah I think so. I'm not sure since it's my first time being in this situation," Johnson said. "But I'm going to try it this way first and see how it plays out."

The Bills receiver is coming off back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons, the first wideout in team history to accomplish the feat. He's stated time and again he'd like to be back and values playing with Ryan Fitzpatrick as well as being the number one option in Buffalo's offense.

As the free-spirited receiver has had more time in the offseason to collect his thoughts about the 2011 campaign he sounds as if he's developed a clear understanding of the unwanted attention his end zone displays after touchdowns created for himself and his team. He's stated publicly more than once that he intends to leave that part of his game in the past.

"What got recognized this past season is on me because I did those things," he said. "But it's time to take the next step."

With about six weeks before free agency opens, the timeline for the Bills and the Johnson camp to begin constructive negotiations is unclear to the playmaking receiver.  

"I don't know if they've started anything, but I was telling my agent I trust his work," Johnson said. "He's been good to me since I was a rookie so I trust what he does. So if it's something serious that we have to make a decision on then he'll bring it to my attention, but if not then he'll just be working on it and we'll see what happens."

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