Jonathan Meeks: "I just fell in love with the defense"



Defensive Back Jonathan Meeks Conference Call

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Q: Talk about growing up in Rock Hill (South Carolina) and are you familiar with Stephon (Gilmore) at all?

A: Yeah that's one of my real good friends. We grew up competing against each other throughout high school and college and we kept our relationship even when he went to the NFL. I will be honored to play with him.

Q: Has he texted you yet?

A: I'm not sure; I haven't checked my text messages yet. I'm pretty sure that he has.

Q: You made a pre-draft visit to Buffalo, Talk a little bit about the contact with the Bills during this process.

A: I met with them at the All-Star game and (Buddy) Nix came out there to watch practice. I had a pretty solid week out at the All-Star game and they expressed some interest in me. Then I took my visit up there and it was a very good visit. I had the chances to meet the coaches and Nix again and it was a very solid visit. They expressed a lot of interest in me and me as well, knowing that they are a great program to be a part of and a great organization. It was mutual respect of each other and they had a lot of interest in me.

Q: Was there a chip on your shoulder that you did not get invited to the NFL Combine?

A: There definitely was and still is. They say the Draft is definitely not the end; it is the beginning and I haven't been able to express that the chip is still on my shoulder. Things happen for a reason so that is just going to make me more hungry as a player and as a person as well.

Q: On your visit here did you get an opportunity to sit down with the Defensive Coordinator Mike Pettine? And what do you feel about your terms of skill set and how it may work with the interchangeable safeties?

A: I feel like it will work well for me. We had a chance to go over some plays, where he drew up some plays. I just fell in love with the defense within one day and coach as well. The things they were showing me that I would be able to do, I know as a player that I could perform really well for the Bills and I want to do that.

Q: Can you give a couple examples of what gets you excited about the defense?

A: It's the opportunity to go out there and play is the biggest thing for me right now. Just for me to be able to use my athleticism as a safety. I'm big, fast and strong. I can hit and that defense will allow me to do that.

Q: In regards to coach Pettine's system in particular, can you give an example about what got your juices flowing a little bit after looking at the defense?

A: It is just a smart, aggressive defense and as a player that's what you love.

Q: You're the second safety drafted by the Bills in a row, (to a team) that has a Pro Bowl safety (Jairus Byrd) coming back. What do you think that means for you and the competition moving forward?

A: You are going to get the best from everybody. I can't wait to go out there, compete, win the job and be the safety for the Bills.

Q: What do you think about Jairus Byrd as a player?

A: He's a great player. Once I knew that it was his contract year and he will be back with the Bills again you just can't let players like that leave. He is a great player to learn from.

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