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Jones returns, but may not play until opener


Being back on the Bills practice field was a welcome feeling for receiver Donald Jones. Nine days removed from taking a vicious illegal hit that cost Denver safety Rahim Moore $20 thousand in fines, Jones lined up with the starting offense as he tries to make up for lost time and a full half of work that he missed in last Saturday's preseason victory.

"It definitely feels good to be back out there," said Jones after practice Monday. "It (stinks) to have to sit out in practice and games. It definitely feels good to be back out on the field and catching passes from (Ryan) Fitz(patrick) and being back in the huddle with Steve (Johnson) and Roscoe (Parrish) and those guys."

Jones said he was full go in practice, but said playing in Thursday's game might be a different story.

"Me right now I'm back on the field, but we're still being careful," he said. "They're not trying to get me back out there too fast and get hit again. If you have one (concussion) and get hit too fast you'll be back out. I don't really know how much I'll play out there (against Detroit). We'll just have to see come Thursday."

The second-year receiver confirmed that he sustained a concussion and was knocked out cold on the hit he took along the Bills sideline at Denver. When he did come around however, Jones said he had no memory loss. Still, it was his second concussion in his NFL career.

"I had one last year against New England, but I didn't black out," Jones said. "It's definitely scary for me and scary for my family. Any time you see somebody black out the way I did (in Denver) it's definitely scary."

That's why Jones isn't sure he'll be allowed to line up in Thursday's preseason finale against the Lions.

"I definitely wouldn't be shocked if they did that, especially talking to the doctors and the trainers," said Jones. "They're trying to be as careful as they can be with how bad my concussion was, so I wouldn't be shocked if they said, 'You're going to sit this one out too.'"

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