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Josh Allen making an effort to lead on and off the field during an uncertain time


He made a $25 thousand donation to the Pegulas' fund to fight the Covid-19 pandemic in Western New York and then followed it up by committing to match up to $10K in donations for the Kaleida Covid-19 Response fund. And Bills quarterback Josh Allen is not only trying to lead when it comes to Buffalo community efforts, he's also trying to lead when it comes to his team at a time where their offseason calendar is completely up in the air.

"We're free to call our teammates, as much as possible," said Allen in a conference call with WNY media Friday. "We're not really talking football right now but just checking in with them and make sure that their families are okay and just trying to see each other on FaceTime and go about it that way because I care about my guys. They care about me too. So, just trying to stay in touch that way."

Allen is checking in with offensive coordinator Brian Daboll and quarterbacks coach Ken Dorsey to be up to date on the potential schedule changes that could take place in April and May with respect to their spring conditioning program and OTA schedule.

"It's all basically just family related what we're doing and how we're staying safe," said Allen of his talks with Daboll and Dorsey. "How everything's going back in Buffalo and them asking how we're doing out here. They're trying to give updates as far as what they think is going to happen with OTAs."

For now, no one knows for sure how they'll be delayed or for how long, but Allen is trying to maintain a state of readiness as he tries to keep as normal a workout regimen as possible under the restrictions enacted in his native California.

"If things get moved back then we'll move back and we'll adjust but we're not going to have a different mindset because of what's going on," he said. "You've got to stay focused and stay ready. So, that's kind of the mindset that coach Daboll passed on to me too and that's what I'm thinking, but at the same time we want everybody to be safe. We don't want to put anybody at risk of getting sick and I think that's what everybody should be doing right now."

Allen is naturally excited about the addition of Stefon Diggs to their offensive arsenal. He believes Diggs' superior route running skills will make his job easier because of the consistent separation he creates.

"It's a huge, huge boost for our offense and for our team in that aspect," said Allen of the Diggs acquisition. "Even just going against our guys in practice, it's going to make the guys on defense that much better as well. But the fact that he's one of the best route runners in the league. He makes these unbelievable contested catches, the run after catch ability that he has when he's got the ball in his hands. It's pretty remarkable. To have a weapon like that it makes me super happy. That should make our other guys super happy too just because attention is going to have to be elsewhere. It's going to open up some things in our offense."

Buffalo's quarterback disagrees with those who think the production of John Brown or Cole Beasley will be negatively impacted by Diggs' presence in the receiving corps. Allen contends that their opportunities will increase knowing they're more likely to see a lot more single coverage.

Working with Diggs prior to formal practicing is on hold for now in light of the pandemic, but in the conversations that Allen has had with the receiver, he's convinced that Diggs is busting at the seams to get started with his new teammates.

"He's excited to get to Western New York and he understands the type of fans that we have, the passion that goes into the city," said Allen. "He's talked to players too, and they have only great things to say about Western New York and in the city of Buffalo so he's excited to get up there. I'm excited for him to get up there and start working with them as soon as possible."

Allen is talking to teammates in an effort to make sure part of their day is focused on football. He realizes that the preparation time for the season is likely to be abbreviated and he wants to ensure that everyone is putting the necessary time in on their own to be ready.

With what has transpired in free agency thus far, Allen understands why Bills fans are excited that Tom Brady is out of the division and now in Tampa Bay. For Allen however, he grew up with Brady as an "idol" and he genuinely enjoyed competing against him head to head the last couple of seasons. And in no way is he assuming that the New England Patriots are no longer a division contender.

"Obviously we understand the deal and we know that there's a big opportunity in front of us, but again it doesn't get there without us putting the work in and going to work each and every day and trying to be the best team that we can be it's not just going to be handed to us," he said. "I think the Jets and the Dolphins are thinking the same thing right now and again you know it's football. Every year is different.

"It doesn't mean that the Patriots are out of anything as well. They're returning a lot of guys on that defense. They've got a great coaching staff over there. That doesn't mean that they're just automatically out of it just because they lost a pretty key player but we're not looking at it that way. We're going to try to win as many games as we can and do things the right way and play for each other."

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