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JP Losman - Post Game

Bills Quarterback JP Losman


On the Coach's concern of performance


"Yes, I guess it's always a concern. But if you play well too, it's still a concern.  Probably sitting there saying if they are playing well in the preseason then I hope they play well when it means something.  So coming off the field, regardless if you're winning or losing, I mean there's always something to learn and take away from the game and see how you play.  From that standpoint, you're always going to feel that you could've done better. I know we always feel that way and tonight it was, were moving in the right direction.  We're doing a lot of things better. Are we in mid season form yet? Probably not, but what team is at this point. There's a long way to go it's a long process and it's going to be a grind and we know that going into it. We have one week left here of preseason work before we can start the game planning for someone. We haven't game planned for any team yet, we haven't seen their looks too much, they are playing a lot of quarter, quarter half quarters we don't see that from our defense.  They don't play that ever. So we saw, we covered two trap and rolled two trap weak side, we haven't seen that all year. The last time I saw that was Cleveland preseason last year. It was the first thing that came to my mind, walking off the field.  You're glad you're getting these wrecks against these defense, different defense, different looks because we are going face quarter teams during the season, during the year. I thought we did a pretty good job for the first time really seeing a quarter team.  Last week we got a good taste of it as well so it's all good work for us."


On difficulty moving the ball and choosing big throw plays instead


"Well those are the first two times we really caught deep balls, all of preseason. Teams have just been condensing down.  We're not trying to show our hands too much we don't want to show them the pump.  We don't want to show them the deep post.  We don't want to give them movement routes yet, were saving those, but tonight they were just so hooked up there, we said screw it and we called it twice and we hit it twice so obviously our confidence is skyrocketed from there.  We got two opportunities and we hit it big. I probably could have led Pearless a little bit more on the pass down on the post probably could have scored.  So I walk away with things like that next time try to get the ball out there for him and that way we don't have to have a red zone offense. we could have just scored."


On Titans defense shutting down the offense


"Well like I said they were just giving us different looks that we haven't seen since last year. They did some quarter, quarter half things some two trap things and these quarter teams our defense does not play that when we are practicing them.  So we're kind of game planning our defense all of camp in the spring and finally you get a quarter team, a team that is doing some different things at you which only a few teams do.  Not to many teams just a few teams, do these types of defenses but its good, good work for us to see this and for the receivers to see it to know when their routes change and for the quarterback to see it to know when his read is going to change based on their different looks."



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