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JP Losman - Postgame

On having confidence on the field
Personally yes you have to have that confidence going into a game. A mistake there in the first half, I got a little greedy I think trying to take a shot there with Lee. The ball slipped out a little bit regardless I probably should have checked it down. But other than that, as the game went on I felt that I was getting into a grove and getting used to throwing hot reads and sights and adjustment routes, getting through your progression. As the game went on, I felt I was getting more and more comfortable having not been in there in a while.
On the option touchdown pass from Marshawn Lynch
We had run the ball pretty well and they were coming up pretty hard and so we knew we had a great shot. Going into the huddle, I just kind of [tried to] smooth things out a little bit. I didn't want Marshawn to get to feel like a lot of pressure was on him. I just kind of went in there and said, "Let's play some street ball with this play." It's one of those types of plays that when you go into the huddle you want the guy that's throwing the ball who's not used to it to be comfortable so I kind of said a little joke. It worked out so I guess it was the right thing to do.
On what he told Marshawn in the huddle
I coached him up a little bit and I told him to make sure the index finger is the last on the ball.
On not having control over the quarterback decision and if he felt he has gotten some support from his teammates
I hope so. The feedback with the players has always been strong. But having not played in a while, when you do get a chance to go in there it's a constant proving to your teammates that you deserve to be in there. And they feel the same way about themselves. In that case as a player you want to help your teammates. These are my friends, these are comrades, I've been out there with these guys for a couple of years so I wanted to come through for them and they wanted to come through for me. That's kind of how it goes. In preparation whether I was playing or not I kept reminding myself that there's a lot of guys counting on me. You take that with you in your preparation.
On the touchdown pass to Lee Evans and connecting with him early on
It was just some throws. I don't know how to explain them. We had the calls. We called it I believe on first down, the touchdown pass, and so it kind of got them off guard. I think they went cover zero so we just had one-on-one to Lee and I just put it up there in the corner. That's what we practiced all week, putting it in the corner and he has to get there. It's kind of like a five step and hitch, put it in the corner and it's on him to get there and so he did. He got his feet down, which is a big play.
On the play of the offensive line and picking up blitzes
It felt good. The offensive line played excellent and they have been for the last couple of weeks. I've been a little jealous of Trent. I think he got hit for the first time against the Jets and he was like, "I'm getting hit." I said, "You don't know what getting hit is." That was the first time he was hit in three weeks. The offensive line has been playing great and again a tribute to them, another week in a row playing well and as a quarterback it feels good. You can get through your reads, you can go one-two-three and check it down, one-two-three and if that wasn't there I took off running. They were opening up lanes for the quarterback and the running back. And they're doing an excellent job. You should hear them in the huddle. They're leading their own way. It's like I don't have to sit there and tell them that it's third and one. They already know it's third and one, let's go. It's good to hear that from the offensive linemen. They're into the game and they understand the calls. It's a real positive right now.
On coach Jaruon's remark of performing to play and his thoughts about his philosophy
To a certain extent like I said going into this game you're grateful for the opportunity and you also want to prove to your teammates that you deserve to be in there. But as far as the decision goes, I have no control over that. I have control over making the decision hard. I'm just playing ball and I've been through a lot the last couple of weeks. I've been through a lot since I've been here in Buffalo and it's the same old story: I'm ready for whatever.
On the four minute drill
It felt great. Marshawn and the offensive line were able to pick up some first downs with the tight ends there as well. And then also that big third down, slant to Lee, that was huge. As far as Marshawn, I think as the year goes on and the more he plays you guys see his extra effort. I think a lot of the plays are helping our football team out right now. Maybe not breaking a tackle but an extra yard or two, always falling forward, offensive linemen love to see that in a quarterback, receiver, end. It gets everyone jacked up. There's a lot of energy there and we're just feeding off of that as well.
On the play calling allowing him to run and the options he had
There wasn't as much as maybe you've seen. It was more of some options. They gave me some more options so I guess this week as far as the quarterback run goes. If you like it here, take it. I got caught on one, I got greedy there with Lee, but for the most part, seeing the rotation, seeing what the defense gives us and you know what, on third and three or what have you, you can put here for Josh and pick up this first down but we also have a great opportunity here with Lee running down the sidelines one-on-one with the corner. I'm willing to take that as much I can and Lee has proven that throughout his career that he's one of those players if he gets one-on-one matchups I would love to throw it down to him every time.
On getting back to .500
Well, I guess you can look at the record either way. We lost some close games, some heartbreakers as well. We know what we should be and all we know right now is where we are. And this is where we are. We had a big opportunity to get to .500 and we're there. Now we just have to keep it rolling. And focus on next week, taking it one week at a time, not looking ahead and I think the guys are as far as the leadership goes in our locker room guys understand that. You won't see them out doing anything they shouldn't be. Everyone's focus is right on this next week and everyone's ready to go.
On Josh Reed as a security blanket
I'm always comfortable with Josh. I feel very, very comfortable going to Josh especially with things over the middle. Things like that I can't give away too much of what we're thinking, but Josh is that go to guy especially on third down, third and short and third and medium. That's our guy. Every team has that slot guy. I don't know how you want to describe it, but he knows how to use his body extremely well. He's a very strong, physical receiver so if it is close he's able to position himself in the right position to make a play.
On carrying the play over from last season
We've always felt that since week one. We were able to do some things at the end of last year to carry us into this year. Like I said we started off with a heartbreaker and we're somewhat recovering from those games that we let get away. This team has tremendous confidence and we are showing tremendous strides. We're a very close team. And I know you guys can see that, it's evident. We have a lot of friends, a lot of people want to do things for each other, lot of people hanging out with each other outside the facility and all of those things are paying off. Offense, defense and special teams and it's not just defense here and offense there. It's very intertwined and a lot of good things are going on.

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