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3 things we learned from 'Good Morning Football' host Kay Adams on 'Bills Pod Squad'


Kay Adams, host of "Good Morning Football" on NFL Network, joins multimedia journalist Maddy Glab and Buffalo Bills owner and team president Kim Pegula on the latest episode of "Bills Pod Squad," presented by New York Lottery.

The episode is available now on iTunes, Spotify and Google Podcasts. You can also watch the episode on, the team's YouTube channel, and the Bills Mobile app, presented by M&T Bank.

Each week, Pegula and Glab discuss the Bills' previous matchup, look at the week ahead, and talk to personalities from around the team and throughout the NFL.

Here are three takeaways from this week's episode.

1. How the pros consume football

Kim and Maddy discussed their favorite ways to stay up to date on the NFL, from social media to Maddy's go-to websites for statistics. They then asked Adams how she prepares for "Good Morning Football." 

"I would say one thing that I like to do because national media, things sort of fall through the cracks ... I like to listen to iHeartRadio app or whatever to get the local new stations. Like, all that ridiculous Philadelphia banter, I need to hear what they're talking about, because there are great stories - Gabriel Davis is one of them, of course - that sort of fall through the cracks at the national level that I like to hear what the locals are talking about."

2. Adams' journey to NFL Network

This episode is a must-listen for those with aspirations in broadcast media as Adams gives a step-by-step account of her journey from growing up in Chicago to working her way through school at the University of Missouri and then grinding through the early stages of her career in New York City.

"I got plucked by NBC to move to New York and sit in a radio booth and do some updates," she said. "I just went knocking on every person's door like, 'Oh, I'm lost. Oh, you're the producer of this show? Nice to meet you!' So, I just did everything I could just to sort of get in front of the camera.

"… It's difficult for people to see your vision. It's difficult for things to change, as we all know. It's difficult to see, 'Oh what lane is she in?' Well, I want to make my own lane and that's what I want to do. So, I've just sort of tried that. I think my biggest advice would just be to not say no to any opportunity. I moved to New York with two suitcases, lived on couches forever. I had nothing and I very much struggled and did not have very much money to my name at all, was not getting paid very much money at all. But I was like, 'I'm going to make this work.'"

3. A Week 6 challenge

It sounds hard to believe, but it's true: Adams has never tried chicken wings. After schooling her on Buffalo's thoughts about boneless wings (they're just chicken tenders), Kim and Maddy challenged Adams to try Duff's wings for the first time on "Good Morning Football."

"If they beat the Chiefs, I'll do it," Adams said. 

Game on.

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