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Kelly and Losman to host open mic night at camp

AMHERST, NY (August 10, 2007) – On Monday, August 13th, Jim Kelly and JP Losman will host the first ever Open Mic Audience Interview beginning at 6 PM. After giving a brief over view of what will take place for that evening's practice and discussing the upcoming season, Kelly and Losman will field fan questions. Other members of the Bills will be on hand to answer questions and Steve Tasker, the Bills former Special Teams ace and CBS Football Analyst, will emcee the event. The Open Mic Audience Interview is being sponsored by Enlyten™, Inc., a wholly - owned subsidiary of HealthSport, Inc. Enlyten recently announced their partnership with the Bills to become the Official SportStrips™ provider for the team.

Bills fans will have the opportunity to ask the players questions during the interactive fan forum. Fans can bring their questions on a 3x 5 index card to submit before the interview. Enlyten will also sponsor an on-air giveaway on 97 Rock as fans will be able to win an exclusive Enlyten SportStrips prize package which includes four tickets to the night practice, Dick's Sporting Goods gift certificate and coupons, and Athlete Packs of Enlyten SportStrips and other Enlyten promotional products. Fans submitting their questions at the Open Mic will be eligible to win special guest passes to watch the night practice with Jim Kelly.

Enlyten's partnership with the Bills was developed to help generate awareness for Enlyten's electrolyte delivery technology and help build awareness of the importance of hydration and electrolyte replenishment. Athletes know there are many different modes of electrolyte replenishment on the market, and finding a fast and efficient method is very important, especially during the hottest temperatures of the summer when the risk for dehydration is at its peak. The Bills partnership is part of the Defense Against Dehydration national campaign being developed by Enlyten featuring several athletes including Losman, Miami Dolphins Defensive End Jason Taylor, US Women's Soccer Star Brandi Chastain, Buffalo Sabres Goalie Ryan Miller, and US Marathon Runner Peter Gilmore.

"I am excited to be participating in the Open Mic at Training Camp," said the Hall of Fame quarterback, Jim Kelly. "Bills fans are the most dedicated group of fans and they really care about their team. Whether they travel from Buffalo and beyond or live in Rochester, the Bills training camp is well attended by eager fans wanting to get a glimpse of their favorite Bills players that are going to run onto the field of Ralph Wilson Stadium. I am looking forward to interacting with the fans and hearing their thoughts on the team."

Enlyten SportStrips replace the electrolytes lost during vigorous athletic activity through a proprietary edible film strip delivery technology. Demonstrated scientifically to be a faster and more efficient way to deliver nutritional supplements and drug actives than ingesting them into the gastro-intestinal tract, the electrolyte content of the flavored film strip is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the soft tissue of the inner cheek and gum – a direct mode of electrolyte absorption unique to Enlyten SportStrips. On a cellular level, fluid is generally rejected by electrolyte deficient cells, so athletes tend to compensate by consuming excessive amounts of fluid which can result in conditions like cramping and vomiting. Enlyten provides an effective new method of maintaining proper electrolyte levels helping athletes to optimize hydration and their level of physical performance.

About HealthSport, Inc.

HealthSport ( is a fully integrated developer, manufacturer and marketer of unique and proprietary branded and private label edible film strip nutritional supplements and over-the-counter drugs. The Company owns two subsidiaries – Enlyten, Inc. and InnoZen, Inc. Enlyten was created to market and distribute HealthSport's products. InnoZen ( is the preeminent formulator, developer and manufacturer of edible film strips that deliver drug actives through buccal (between the cheek and gum) absorption. InnoZen's proprietary edible film strip delivery technology is superior to any other competitive edible film strips currently on the market. InnoZen has five patents pending and has developed numerous trade secrets which it incorporates in the development and manufacturing process of edible film strips. The company's Enlyten(TM) SportStrips(TM) (, an edible film electrolyte strip, has recently undergone and completed pre-market testing conducted in conjunction with physicians and scientists at Duke University Sports Medicine & The Michael W. Krzyzewski Human Performance Laboratory ("K Lab'') ( Preliminary findings of these tests suggest that the Enlyten electrolyte strip delivers meaningful amounts of electrolytes to the body in a safe, fast and effective manner.

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