Kevin Kolb: "Everybody's ready to prove something"


QB Kevin Kolb**

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Q: Buddy Nix said he told you of wanting to draft a quarterback. What are your thoughts on the EJ Manuel selection?

A: From the very beginning even before I signed here he told me. I knew that was in the plans. It doesn't scare me or concern me. It's just part of the job and you move on. Like I told you before, it's all about competition and competing against everybody. But he seems like a great kid and I'm happy to work with him.

Q: Your thoughts on the changes to receiving corps and the guys they've brought in?

A: Some of them are still not here with us that were here for the rookie camp but had to go back for some school stuff. I'm anxious to see those guys, the three or four of them that are out. But I've heard great things. And the ones that are here are working hard. I watched a few of them in college and was impressed with them. I think they both bring a lot to the table, different attributes to both of them (Robert Woods and Marquise Goodwin).

Q: Can you talk about the exuberance of energy out on the field during OTAs?

A: There's no question. Everybody's hungry. And everybody's ready to prove something, including the older guys that are here because some of us are new and there's a new coaching staff. They're new eyes and the coaching staff is trying to prove stuff to us as well: prove their systems work, prove their methods work, so that makes for a competitive camp and competitive OTAs. And that's good for everybody. And I think that if you guys can't see it we're really progressing every day. And I feel that we've gotten a lot better today than we were yesterday and so on.

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