Kevin Kolb: "I'll just keep getting better"


Q: How did you think the first half went?

A: It obviously started slow. It took a little while for the game to come to me there, but I'm happy with the way it finished. Felt like I got in a little bit of a groove, we got in a little bit of a groove. I was a little bit disappointed there in the first quarter with myself but it's been a long time since I've seen live action, been a long time since I've been on the field with the injury stuff. I'll just keep getting better and keep pushing.

Q: Did you feel healthy tonight?

A: Yeah, I felt fine. I felt fine.

Q: So basically it was just rust?

A: Yeah. It's a little bit faster; things are little bit different out there when you're on the game field rather than a practice field when things are live. Again, just a little bit disappointed there in the beginning but I thought we finished well and had a couple of good drives there with a few minutes left.

Q: What did you see on the third down play right at the end of the half when you threw it away?

A: We always talk about knowing what Nate (Hackett) wants when he calls a certain play in a certain situation so we always take ourselves through certain situations. We know that (Dustin) Hopkins has a big leg. Where we were sitting on the field, what did the check down really get me at that point with I think we had nine seconds left and so? For me I'd gone back and looked at the pictures and saw that the cover two hole shot was big on my right side so I came back and I tried to hold back that safety for just a second. And when you have points on the board I wasn't going to force one in there. The corner was dropping on me and the safety was converging on it. Just take three, throw it away and live to see another day.

Q: With the quarterback battle, how much of a relief was it with how you played in the second quarter?

A: It was good to get back in the groove, forget the competition; it was good to get back in the groove for myself. Again, you guys know when you all knocked me out last year and it's been a long time to now. It was just nice to get back out there and feel the sweat a little bit. Get padded up and start working. I'm just a little bit unhappy that it took so long.

Q: What happened on the play to WR Robert Woods right before the field goal on the last drive of the half?

A: We had called a shot and that brought a little bit of pressure so I kind of moved up in the pocket and Robert and a quicker route on the left hand side and just playing ball and just kept moving along and found a little void in there. That was a big play to move us into their territory and give us a potential touchdown there.

Q: What do you think tonight did for you as a player?

A: I think knocking off the rust. I think he said it right. That's what it felt like I was doing. Really when I went out there I just over thinking things and that happens whenever you're excited about something. It's happened to me a couple times in my career. You get there and you start over thinking things. You're not reading and reacting like you normally do so then you let it all fly out the window and you just start playing football again. That was kind of the tale of two stories there.

Q: Do you hear the boos from the fans when you're on the field?

A: I've been booed plenty of times in my career. I'd like to boo myself when I don't throw a good ball. No, I definitely don't hear them whenever I'm out there. You're just upset you didn't complete the ball and continue the drive.

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