Kevin Kolb: "We're taking it slowly and carefully"


QB Kevin Kolb**

Training Camp – August 12, 2013

Q: How does the knee feel?

A: It feels pretty good. It's getting better every day. No setbacks. That feels good and hopefully tomorrow it'll be the same way.

Q: Was the knee wrap uncomfortable – you took it off during practice?

A: I felt pretty good during the warm-ups and the game on Saturday with just the sleeve. I took the wrap off. It didn't feel near as good as I thought it was going to be.

Q: Are you medically cleared to do whatever you need to do out there?

A: I think we're taking it slowly and carefully. I'm trying to push the envelope. I'm trying to get out there and be a little part of this fun.

Q: How tough was the slip that caused your knee injury?

A: I was coming off my best practice probably and feeling really comfortable. I had just gone through telling everybody that that was the most comfortable I've felt in a while. For something goofy like that to happen was very frustrating. And of course, with the family situation, having to leave the team for a while, it wasn't a good time. But you fight through those struggles and have to move on.

Q: Did you jam your knee?

A: Yeah, a little bit. I'm not sure how much Doug (Marrone) went into it, but I slipped. I ran the day before and my front leg went out and my left knee came in a little bit. A little knee cap damage there.

Q: How do you feel your mechanics have been impacted by the injury?

A: It gets better as practice goes on. But what I don't know want to do is push myself and create a bad habit where I overcompensate. There's a fine line there. I'm trying to weigh that out and make sure I am playing without any pain. And if I am playing with some pain, then don't let it affect me when I'm fully healthy because I don't want to create a bad habit.

Q: How has Coach Hackett helped you avoid creating any bad habits?

A: I think he trust me that I know what I'm doing. It's more of a feel thing for me really because whenever this changes, the arm angle and everything up here changes. You may come down a little more because you have a stiff leg and you're trying to protect that knee. Those are the types of things that I maybe can feel them before he can see them.

Q: Is it hard to toe that line between further injuring yourself and wanting to get back out there?

A: Yeah, especially when you're a hard head and competitive and everything else. All that comes into effect and that's the way I feel. When they said they were going to ease me in, I said no you're not. I want you to put me in. That's the way I feel. They're going to play it smart and they can see my progress probably better than I can. Hopefully I can take the pride out of the deal and let my injury just comes along.

Q: How tough is it to miss as much time as you did?

A: It's harder than anyone can imagine. You come back and you feel the front for the first time and you're like 'woah.' It's blurry all of the sudden. It takes a couple of days to get back in that rhythm of identifying things and understanding things and vocalizing things. A long weekend will do that to you, much less four, five, seven days, whatever it has been since I was back on the field. That's why I didn't want to waste another day. I wanted to get out there, even if I only got a few reps, I wanted to get some live bullets again and see what it's like.

Q: Can you get it all back between the time you returned and Friday night's game?

A: I hope. I think that's the plan. That's what I'm pushing for, but I have to let my body tell me what I can do. Again, it's not an ideal situation.

Q: Can you gauge your chances for Friday?

A: I don't think I can really do that. A lot of it depends on how I feel tomorrow coming back from a full practice. I would love to tell your right now that I'm playing for sure, but that's not necessarily correct.

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