Kyle Williams: "There is nowhere to hide"



Q: You were getting pressure. Even on that last drive, (Rams QB Sam) Bradford kind of made some throws with people draped around him.

A: Yeah, the last drive we had some good rushes at him. He got rid of the ball quick a couple of times and made good throws. Like I said, we did not make the play whenever it needed to be made.

Q: Do you feel like you controlled this game?

A: For the most part of the game. I think obviously the last drive, then the drive in the third quarter, they did some different things as far as what they would show you. They came out with some quick passes on first-down and then tried to run the ball and get in favorable third-down spots. You know, 3rd-and-four and 3rd-and-five, where they could just catch and pitch; kind of get rid of the ball pretty quick. And they were able to there in the third quarter, dink it down on us and get the score. That was disappointing. And then there at the last drive we felt good about where we were and what we were doing. But like I said, it all counts for nothing now.

Q: The run defense: you did what you wanted to do against their run game, right?

A: Yeah. I mean, you watch them on film and you let RB Steven Jackson get going and he can hurt you. He can bleed the clock and he can do a lot of damaging things to a defense. We were able to control that. But in the end we were not able to win the game or control the game.

Q: To just come up short in another close game over and over – do you think about year after year just coming up short in these close games?

A: Nobody here, or on Earth, gets more disappointed or is more disappointed when things like this happen. But that is life in the NFL. There are close games. They are all close for the most part. They are all six, seven point games. A touchdown, or four or five plays here and there, is the difference in the game. And we are not consistent enough to win late in games. We have not shown that. We are 5-8. That is why. The teams that make the playoffs and that are in the playoff picture and are going to play in the playoffs are the teams that win those kinds of games. They figure out a way to get off the field. They figure out a way to win the football game. And we are not consistent enough right now to do that.

Q: Where do you go from here?

A: Keep working. There is nowhere to hide. I think you guys have been around, you know me well enough to know that the only finger I am going to point is at myself. What can I do better? And hopefully all the guys are doing that. So much gets caught up in win, lose, playoffs and all that, which are important. But we have to be more about the process of winning. We have to get back to work. We have to continue to push each other. We have three more weeks and that is what I am going to continue to do. Until they kick me out the door, that is what I am always going to do.

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