Kyle Williams: "There's no law that says it can't be done"


DT Kyle Williams**

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Q: What do you think about this team being tested?

A: We've all talked about it and just kind of looking ahead of us all the teams that were getting ready to play are kind of where we are. They're fighting to get in to the last spot or so. I think just kind of the general thought is that it only takes a spark to start a fire and that spark is winning one football game. If we win one, I think guys feel good about making a run here at the end of the year.

Q: You have to start it against this team, they're reeling, it's a division game…

A: It has to start. I mean for all purposes for our playoffs started Sunday night with a Thursday night game against a division team 3-6, seven games left. It started Sunday night.

Q: You weren't here in 2004, but there was a similar situation, 3-6 coming out of New England, I don't know if Chris has said anything…

A: Yea Chris told me about it and then they played the Steelers here to win to get in. There's no law that says that can't be done. You look at teams in the past, you look at the Giants and things like that what they have done at the end of the year closing out the year and get in the playoffs and once you are in things happen. But like I said it has to start with a spark and I think the  last few weeks you feel like you are fighting uphill, you are climbing uphill on a slick surface and just think all you need is a spark. I think we have a chance to do something at the end of the year and make a little run.

Q: Can you talk about facing Ryan Tannehill this week, overall he has been pretty solid as a rookie.

A: Yeah, he has been solid they have a done a good job with their run game. They do some different things to protect him. He'll get out on some boots he gets rid of the ball quick so it is one of those things that we have to tighten it up and hopefully get some batted balls at the line. Make some plays when he completes the play over the middle quick, hit the guys and get them on the ground. Make them extend those routes where you can get after him, but he has done a good job for a rookie quarterback coming in.

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