Lee Evans - Post Game

Bills wide receiver Lee Evans

August 24, 2007

* *

On his touchdown catch

* *

Yes, J.P. had all day back there. He made the right read and hit me. Given the opportunity we made the plays.

On J.P's ability to throw deep

* *

He's a strong arm quarterback and he likes to throw deep. It works by allowing us to stretch the field vertically.

On living by the deep ball

* *

No.  We can't live with just the deep ball. We have the potential to make big plays, but we have to take it to the next level.

On feeling more confident this year

* *

Definitely, I'm getting looks even in the preseason that I've never gotten before. It's never easy to have a big year. To be underrated and to let people know who you are. For me it's about taking it to the next level.


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