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Letter from a Bills extra points card holder

*Mark Palczewski of Lancaster, Pennsylvania redeemed his Bills Extra Points Rewards MasterCard points for a Bills experience that would last a lifetime. A Buffalo native and Timon graduate, Mark has been a season ticket holder since 1991, and has attended games every year since 1970. For home games he will make the five and a half hour drive from Lancaster to Buffalo to see his favorite team play at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Below is what he had to say about his most recent experience. *

"Sports photography is a hobby for me. I have been taking photos at Bills games since 1975. Besides my family, the Buffalo Bills are my life-long passion. I am a member of the Pro Football Researchers Association and I consider myself an avid Bills historian. Taking photos at the games is a way for me to visually document their history. I have always dreamed of being a sports photographer and shooting photos on the sideline during Bills games.

My Buffalo Bills Extra Points MasterCard allowed me to live my dream for a day. When I first signed up for my card, I mentally circled the "Honorary Photographer" experience. I started using my credit card for as much as I could to accumulate points. My card came in handy when I had a sports bar/rec room/Bills museum built in my basement. Of course, the whole basement is filled with Bills memorabilia, much of which was purchased with my Buffalo Bills credit card.

I have been to three Super Bowls, four AFC Championships, the comeback game against Houston, and that glorious September day in 1980 when we finally beat Miami, but my Extra Points experience took me to a different level beyond that of being a fan. I felt like a part of the Bills organization. I was treated like I belonged. I was introduced to other photographers who were more than happy to pass along pointers as to good locations for photos. My field pass allowed me to get close to the action like no other experience. When Lee Evans caught a touchdown, I was only a few feet away from getting run into, but I kept on taking photos and getting incredible shots. I was there when Marshawn Lynch ran 56 yards for a touchdown, he was literally running directly towards me and I kept my finger firmly pressed down on the shutter.

I came prepared for the day, I shot 1556 photos! Hopefully some day, I can get some of those photos autographed and displayed in my basement. This experience surpassed my expectations and the Buffalo Bills went above and beyond extending their hospitality to ensure I would have a day that I would never forget. I am ready to starting working to get more points so I can do this again!"

*The Buffalo Bills Extra Points Rewards MasterCard enables fans to get closer to the Bills than they could ever imagine. For more information or to apply click here, or call 1-800-551-0839 today. *

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