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Linebacker Angelo Crowell

Bills Linebacker Angelo Crowell


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On the improved play on third down

We were able to pull out of there with a win, but we got off the field on third down.  That's what good defenses do, get off the field on third down and get the ball back in the offense's hands. 


On what was responsible for this improvement

We just clicked.  We just got the job done.  We have had some struggles but we pulled together as a team and everybody did their individual job.  We played well as a defense and we were able to get the job done. 


On playing better against the Dolphins this time around

We really didn't make any game-changing plays until the end of the game to where we were able to pull out of there with a win.  Those guys are 0-12 and they are searching for a win.  They are hunting for a win.  We just need to come out there and start fast.  I don't think in Miami, the last time we played them, we started fast.  I think one of the big things for our team is really starting fast.  Really stopping them out there on defense and really putting points on the board. 


On facing a young quarterback and disguising defenses

With young quarterbacks, a lot of the time they have problems picking up the different looks and picking up the coverages.  So obviously showing them different looks and disguising it a little bit makes them wonder what we're really in.  Ultimately it can be beneficial to you if a turnover comes off of that.  He's a young quarterback and I don't know how much poise he is playing with, but we've got to do a good job defensively by giving them different looks and disguising them a little bit and getting after it.


On the defense starting to regroup after all the early season injuries

I really just want to go out there and make game-changing plays.  It's good to make tackles, but when you go out there and make game-changing plays and help your team get a win that's what the good players do and that's what I want to be.  I want to be able to go out there and make game-changing plays every game. 


On how it affects a player mentally when they make a game-changing play, but the call doesn't go your way

Mentally it doesn't really affect you because you have to go out there and do it again.  Just like you create a turnover on defense and the offense goes three and out.  You have to go out there and do it again.  So it doesn't really wear on you mentally because you have to go out there and play 60 minutes.  There is no point out there when you can really relax whether the ball goes your way or the other way.  You never know at what point of the game is going to be your chance to make a play. 


On how a player does not look past Miami

I don't even know who we play after Miami.  I know Miami is a good team.  We only beat them by three points last time.  Their first win could have been against us the last time we played them.  So we are going out there and not taking anything for granted because they're a good team.  This is the NFL so any team can beat any team on any given Sunday.  We have to go out there and bring the punch to them. 


On the play of Jesse Chatman in the first game against the Bills

He's a good back.  Any good back who you give an opportunity to make a play is going to make a play.  He's a good player and a good back.  He did a good job against us last time and this time it's going to be a big task to go out there and stop the run. 


On thinking about playoff scenarios

All I know is that we are in the hunt and at this time of the year you win in December and you play on.  So we're in the hunt and we have to continue to win and most importantly we have to win this week, one game this week and let the rest take care of its self. 


On not wanting to be the first team to lose to the Dolphins

We just want to win.  I wouldn't care if it was by half a point or one point.  They are a good team and we just want to go out there and get a win.  I don't care what the score is as long as we're on top at the end.        

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