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Linebacker Angelo Crowell - Media Day

Bills Linebacker Angelo Crowell


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On playing against London Fletcher

It'll be crazy (seeing him wear those colors).  With me coming into the league and him being here and really showing me how to become a professional and how to be a student of the game.  Now being on opposite sides of him feels funny.  It's definitely a business trip and he's going to be looking to beat the Bills.


On matching the kind of intensity that Fletcher brings to the field

Fletcher plays with a lot of intensity.  He gets a lot of guys around him going.  You can expect him to come out there ready.  Defensively on our side of the ball we need to be ready to do that same thing.  We have to bring the fight to them instead of waiting for the fight to come to us.  We need to bring the fight to Washington and play from there. 


On Fletcher calling him this week

We've talked throughout the season.  We've always been joking.  I've been telling him we were going to beat him since the beginning of the season even when we were struggling.  So I just reminded him this week that we are going to come down there and beat y'all. 


On the most important thing learned from playing with Fletcher

The thing I learned the most was just how to become a professional.  How in this profession you really have to study the game and how to carry yourself on the field and playing well.  Ultimately, when you play well and do all those things around you then ultimately you are a good professional.


On the lack of turnovers created by the Bills the past couple of weeks

Sometimes things have to bounce your way to get the turnovers.  We haven't been getting the turnovers that obviously change the game.  I think this week the emphasis has been on getting the ball out and creating turnovers and really attacking the ball.  A lot of the time you sit back wait for the play to come to you.  But it's not going to come to you.  You've got to be attackers and go get the ball.


On what to expect from the Redskins based on what they have been going through

Basically a team like us.  They are facing adversity right now in losing a player like Sean Taylor.  It's bigger than football, but those guys are professionals and they are going to have to find a way to come to play on Sunday because it is their job.  Even with the loss they have to be able to find a way to regroup and get ready to play on Sunday. 


On understanding what the Redskins are going through based on what the Bills went through with Kevin Everett

We went through a lot and I think the most important thing for those guys right now is to talk.  If you sit around and just think about it, it will really tear on you.  I think the best thing for those guys is to really talk to somebody about what they're really feeling and get it out.  Express how you're feeling and really just talk to guys, because if you keep everything bottled up, it'll just bother you for so long that it will be hard for you to get over it.              

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